August 22, 2009

Going back to...?

So, when we flew from Munich to California I was going back to Cali. . . I suppose now I'm going back to Germy. Or, as the Spanish call it, Ale Mania, which if you think about it is quite a good name.

Yesterday I enjoyed one last perfect American day: worked til 5, picked up the girls, fed them, played with them, put them to bed, fed Ralf, then channel flipped between Friends and Seinfeld episodes until bed time with a glass of wine and a bowl of cherries.

Ah. It'll be a bit different once we're back in the GMT time zone.

It's been a good summer, all in all. Even the Episcopal preschool the kids attended was great, although some of the hymns the girls dragged home have been a bit disconcerting. I have to believe they just sang it wrong and the Lord doesn't actually steal cars or babies. And since I haven't attended church since childhood I prefer the more agnostic hymns, such as: 'Zippety doo da, zippety A, thank you for our food today.'

I can totally get behind that because it's grateful without committing to any one supreme being.

So, one last Saturday to shop, pack and visit friends and then we fly tomorrow.

I'll check back in with you next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great summer all round!

    For us, it's all over and school started on Wednesday.

  2. I think the lord DOES steal cars, though. . . .If not he, who?

  3. Thanks for visiting us! Have a good trip home.

  4. Have a great trip home! Safe travels.

  5. "Ale Mania?" I like it.

    And that does sound like a pretty perfect day.

    Just remember the Lord works in mysterious zippety do dah!

    Safe travels for you!

  6. Seinfeld and wine with the children in bed? Sounds like heaven.

    Have a great flight home, Honey Pie.


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