December 6, 2008

The Deed is done

L's Schnully is no more. Yesterday evening at around 7:30 Berndt came by in a felty Nikolaus costume to pass out presents and collect L's Schnullies (pacifiers). K, ever practical, had no issue with the glaring fakeness of Santa - she answered all questions promptly and courteously in order to get her present, then ran off to open it without saying thank you. L, who had taken one last snuffly, sweaty nap with her beloved Schnully after Kindergarten then bravely put all them in a Baby Gap bag for Nikolaus, buried her head in my shoulder and indicated in a sad, choked up little voice that I should complete the transaction. I was feeling pretty choked up myself. K had accepted at face value that 3-year-olds give their pacis to Nikolaus in exchange for a present but L doesn't quite see why a man who brings toys to all the children in the world can't get his own Schnullies.

Anyway, thus we traded away another child's beloved and dependable comfort object in exchange for (we hope) good teeth and better coping skills. I'm fairly certain she'll be sending us the therapist's bill for this one in twenty years.

Why do I think so? Well, for one thing Nikolaus gave L a baby-sized Snow White doll, which she took to at once, making her up a soft little bed and whispering reassuringly that she wouldn't let anyone steal her baby's Schnully. I had to take that one on the chin.

As a special treat L got to sleep in our bed that night. I'm afraid Ralf got the short end of that stick, however, because L snozzled up against him all night, took over his pillow, made loud succulent noises right near his ear and did her best to push him out of bed. On the bright side, I slept great and except for one small accident and a short outbreak of weeping in the middle of the night, L also slept through.

That makes today the first day of L's Schnully-free life. And tonight she is spending the night at her grandparents', where we hope there won't be so many bittersweet associations.


  1. Good job! (I probably would raced out and bought her a new one with that tucking the doll in bit, thus spoiling her and ruining her -- as well as her teeth -- for life.) I'm sure she won't even remember this at all by the time St. Nikolaus arrives again next year.

  2. Thank you for the images--- I needed a laugh and they gave me one!

  3. Happy belated Sankt Nikolaus! Your stories are always wunderbar -- I really enjoy cybertravelling over to your blog & reading your latest entries...
    Haven't done the Commenter's Meme yet (the one you tagged me for): I just don't have enough yet... maybe I'll do an abbreviated one...
    Keep up the good work. And what exactly does NaBloPoMo stand for?!?

  4. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. It's very easy to sign up, just Google it, go there and register.


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