September 23, 2009

Who do you trust?

Everyone's been asking me when I'm going to do another environmental rant.

Actually, no one has technically asked me this. But there are pictures below so stay with me.

Yesterday the Environmental Defense Fund asked me to call my Senators to protest the Murkowski amendments to the Clean Air Act being debated.

I called - and I hope you will, too - but that's not what this post is about.

Basically the amendment wants to let oil companies off the hook. There's a video you can watch here to learn more. The girl in the video kind of looks like Sarah Michelle Geller.

But anyway. There's a lot of media hype out there and it gets confusing so let's make it real simple:

Laura's Easy Two-Step Program to Navigating the Environmental Debate:

First of all, ask yourself: WHICH IS MORE LIKELY?

Option 1: Our planet is endowed with finite resources that are being used up as the population steadily increases. We are completely dependent on cheap energy. Increasingly scarce energy sources like oil can not remain cheap. Solar and wind power, if we invest in them now, will never dry up and we don't have to buy them from people who hate our guts. Building up renewable energy sources will also provide a new source of economic growth. If we miss this narrow window of opportunity to be collectively smarter than a slobber worm we're totally screwed.


Option 2: Exxon and other corporate executives want only what's best for you and don't need a bunch of pesky legislation to do the right thing. Seven billion people can use whatever they want, whenever they want, and it will have zero impact on our planet or our environment because God decides everything. Planetary resources that we use up are replaced by magical elves while we sleep. Environmentalism is somehow linked to abortions and same sex marriage.

So... I'm kind of leaning toward Option 1.

However, that still leaves the problem of how the heck to vote when things that sound great are secretly bad.

Let's face it, legislation is way too tricky to figure out on your own. Unless you're Lawyer Mom.

So, the second step is to ask yourself: WHO DO YOU TRUST?

I mean, more?

These guys:

Or these guys:
See? Easy peasy. Suddenly it all becomes clear.

Oh, and if you too would like to call your Senators and chat with a staffer who sounds about 17, click here to look up the numbers.


  1. Yeah, I'm probably being unfair to Larry, whose political views I am unfamiliar with. He's supposed to represent Big Oil.

  2. I laughed when I saw JR Ewing at the bottom there. I was too young to watch Dallas when it was on the air, and yet I know all about that character. You can absorb pop culture stuff by osmosis.

  3. Nope, still alive. He was at the Dallas (the TV show) reunion at Southfork Ranch earlier this year.

  4. LOVE option 2. I think I'm going to have it printed on a shirt.

  5. Laura, I'm not as up on this as I'd like to be, but I had a couple of thoughts:

    "Our planet is endowed with finite resources that are being used up as the population steadily increases." -- I'd also say our planet is endowed with finite healthcare (doctors don't grow on trees) that will be further rationed as the patient population steadily increases.

    "Seven billion people can use whatever they want, whenever they want, and it will have zero impact on our planet or our environment because God decides everything." Hmm. I'm not sure all non-Inconvenient Truthers are manifest destiny Bible Thumpers, but . . . maybe? As for the proposition that 7 billion people who can do what they want? Oooh. Bad.

    On the other hand, if only some of those seven billion operate under climate change rules and pay lots in taxes to comply while several other billion in other countries are left to do what they want, that would be even worse.

    XOXOX (and I love it that you and I can agree to disagree as often as we do and still feel the love)

  6. I am undecided on Obama. We'll see.

  7. Hey Lawyer Mom - We didn't actually disagree too much. Maybe on the last point. I think it's better for some to do something than for no one to do anything. Someone has to lead the way. Fair point about the Bible thumpers, there are only a few but they're pretty loud.

  8. I don't put my trust in man. I know that I feel better about my actions when they line up with what I feel God wants me to do. I'm not very good at being a good steward of the Earth, but I'm trying to do better. I tend to do too much of whatever I feel like as opposed to sacrificing for the benefit of others. But then again, maybe I'm being too myopic, perfectionistic, and generally critical of myself. I'm playing the roles of wife and mother, daughter and sister, neighbor and friend. I cook, clean, teach, pray, comfort and carry. Thanks for the thinking points. I am struck by the beauty of the people in the pictures you selected. I used to love to watch Dallas with my folks while I was in junior high. Remember the "Who Shot J.R.?" t-shirts???

  9. Cookie - thanks for the comment. I totally remember those t-shirts, but I can't for the life of me remember who DID shoot JR??? Anyone?


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