May 23, 2010

On event horizons and being the last person in Munich

K: Mommy, where does the Earth end?

Me (sagely - this is an easy one): The earth is round, darling. It doesn't end.

K: Yes it does. I'll show you.

She fetches a small ball.

K: Now look, Mommy. (She finger walks around the ball.) If I go around the ball like this it never ends. But. (She holds up one finger to make sure I'm paying attention.) If I go this way it ends right where it begins. (Her fingers leave the surface of the ball in the direction of infinity.) See?

Wow. It's true - the Earth does end at its surface. I stare at my 6-year-old, thinking that she can already think in 3D and has just discovered event horizons. In a flash I picture presenting to the Acadamy of Physics, tall, blond, precise, wowing an audience of unkempt men in tweed suits. I feel a thrill of pride.

Although part of me would like my children to pursue useful careers like accounting or medicine (useful to me, I mean), another part would be thrilled to be the mother of this generation's Einstein.

Science camp here we come.

BTW, Ralf is gone.

No, not forever, just a long work week in California. It's vacation time and my girls and I are the last people in Munich. But we are not alone - we are feeding the neighbors' pets while they enjoy their family vacations.

K already gave the rabbits 2 week's worth of carrots, which they have consumed. They eye me hopefully when I go in the garden but I have nothing for them.

The shops won't be open until Tuesday, I tell them, showing them my empty hands.

They twitch their noses to tell me they understand perfectly and would I now please bring them some more carrots.

Yes, of course, on Tuesday, I answer.

I think the isolation is getting to me...


  1. So, is a "long week" in California better than a "short week" in Munich? :)

  2. I meant it's gonna be a long week in Munich... the California week will probably fly by.

  3. I think you guys spend more time in California than I do, and I am much much closer. I need to spend more time at the beach.

  4. Way to go little lady! I love her mind!
    Now, Honeypie? YOU DON"T TELL PEOPLE HUBS IS OUT OF TOWN TILL HE GETS BACK? has my blog taught you nothing?!

  5. Wow, your 6 year old is smarter than I am. I had to think about it for a second before I understood. She's a genius, there is no denying it.

  6. Don't worry, Sara - we're also feeding our neighbor's doberman. He's lovely with children, I have to keep him away from the bunnies though.

  7. Kids are smart.. and wiser than us adults... I love the way they think!

  8. Oh, wow. That's way too deep for me.

    I'm on my way to Munich to keep you company. BTW, is it cool there?

  9. Very brilliant. And way over my head.

    Toughest question for me today? What is "flambe"? Followed by what is "liqueur"? Suddenly Mr. M is big into the Food Channel. Except I can't cook. So it all makes sense, I guess. . .?

  10. Your kids i must say are genius.Even if they don't become Einstein, you can certainly put them in 3D line as there is a huge demand in 3D these days.Bye and take care.

  11. Your daughter is really very intelligent.I like her opinion.
    Thanks for sharing, Happy blogging.

  12. Sounds to me like a trip to the North Pole is in order!


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