August 15, 2010

On Vacation

We're off on vacation again.  It's school holiday, after all.  We'll be in Italy this week and the Canary Islands next week.

(It sounds more exotic than it is.  We're driving to Italy to meet old friends and Canary Islands was the very last family package available for last minute wafflers like us.)

I wish you happy summer days.  All it does is rain here, but if it's hot where you are and wasps are a problem try this great trick: put a wet penny or two on the table.  Wasps can't bear the smell of oxydized copper.  Try it, it really works!



  1. I hope you have a really wonderful time!

  2. Holy cow! I think you are on vacation more than you are off. I wish I were. Sob.

  3. What? Again?

    Have fun and I hope you don't need the pennys.

  4. have fun!!! I can't wait to hear fun stories!

  5. Safe travels HPH!!! How about mosquitoes? Which wet coin denomination do they hate?

  6. Oh I'd love to be going to the Canary Islands!!

  7. It sounds exotic even with the driving!

  8. Happy journey!Hope you people have loads and loads of fun...It really sounds more exotic going to Canary islands...

  9. I saw the post about the hermit crabs from a year ago. I figured you wouldn't read that, but the painted/decorated shells are toxic and can kill the crab. Just so you know, they are not craft projects. not being mean.

  10. More holiday - you lucky thing! School's started back for us.

    Thanks for that tip about the wet coin.. although I do tend to stop their hearts with a scream otherwise.

  11. I'm sure you and your family have been having a splendid vacation.

    In two of my recent posts, I mentioned you and your blog.
    - See No. 6 in this post:

    - And No. 7 in this post:


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