October 19, 2008

Bad eggs

I just finished filling out my absentee ballot and to my surprise there was an even scarier proposition for Americans to vote on than McCain and Palin. There was actually a proposition on the ballot to give animals that are raised to be eaten room to stand up and turn around in captivity. First of all, I had no idea that today's farm animals in California can't stand up or turn around, what are we, barbarians? But even scarier was the write up from the folks who are against this proposition. Something about driving the prices up so California farmers don't produce eggs any more and then we have to buy our eggs from Mexico and get all kinds of diseases from inferior Mexican eggs. Even granting that this whole Mexican chain of logic is valid, it's kind of scary that it's not worth it to California farmers and consumers to produce wholesome eggs without such callousness. I'm not trying to take on all the woes of the world, but voting no on this bill is like saying, 'Suffering is irrelevant as long as I don't have to pay another penny for an egg.' Surely there's a point where the trade off between suffering and personal comfort gets silly. Are chickens more important than children in Africa? Probably not, although who knows what God or whoever you believe in would say about that. But they are closer to home and more directly impacted by this election.

It's not about being humanitarian. It's just about being humane.

Vote for Obama. And please vote for the chickens, too.

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  1. This has long been a concern of PETA and why the term "free-range" is now on certain cartons.

    PETA is a great organization to lobby for the humane treatment of animals. They have changed many laws.

    Obama spoke to 100,000 people in St. Louis yesterday and 75,000 in Kansas City that evening. While it ain't over till it's over, McCain spoke to 5,000 yesterday.

    The crashing economy is likely to be the final nail in the Republican's coffin.


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