October 2, 2008

Rules of the Road

Driving in Germany is an experience that provides much insight into the meticulous German soul. In the US, the rules of the road are comprised of some basic and consistent rules, for example, on certain types of road the speed limit is always 35 mph, on the highway it’s 55 or 65 or whatever it is these days but it’s basically consistent so you don’t have to think about it on each stretch of road. There are also clear and consistent rules of precedence, for example, right before left at an intersection where there’s no traffic light. So to summarize, there are a few rules that apply pretty much everywhere and most of them make sense so they’re easy to remember.

For the average German, American traffic rules were designed for weak and retarded people. Just the fact that they can be summarized as I just did in a few sentences is proof of their basic inferiority. Even my husband Ralf, who has more insight into, and, I trust, appreciation for, the American character than the average German, thinks we’re a bunch of helpless, spoon fed idiots on the road. Driving a motorized vehicle is a privilege and should be treated as such by responsible adults who have taken the time to master the skill.

So anyway, car meet road. Road, car. What’s so hard about that? Keep reading.

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