April 1, 2010

Who wants to look like Barbie?

Despite my efforts to minimize my daughters' exposure to the Barbie brand, we inherited a Barbie Farietopia movie: The Magic of the Rainbow.

What can I say, it was GREAT! I was totally sucked in. So, against my better judgement I went ahead and ordered the other movies in the series.

K: Why didn't you want to order them?

Me: Well, darling, some people think Barbie dolls make little girls think they need to look like Barbie. And I want you to know you're beautiful the way you are.

K (frowning at me like I just said something crazy): Who wants to look like Barbie?? She's not even real!

Well, what do you know? A new generation of smarter women.

Me: And you know you're beautiful just like you are, right?

K (shrugging): Yes.

Me: And you know it doesn't matter, it's what's inside that counts, right?

K (complacently): Uh huh. But I'm beautiful, too.

I am such an amazing mother.


  1. Go K!!!! She sure handled that one, didn't she!!!

  2. This is very timely for me. We have a new neighbor and she very kindly gave my daughter (19 months) two Collectors Barbies that she has had for years still in the package. I am not a fan of Barbie, but you know it was still very nice of her since she doesn't even really know us. As we walked away, I said to my husband, "I guess it wouldn't be gracious of me to go into a feminist diatribe of why I don't like Barbie."

    I don't like Barney either, but a certain 19 month old seems to like him a little. I just hope she doesn't grow up wanting to look like a giant purple dinosaur.

  3. Interestingly, no man wants to look like Ken. . . At least, in a certain (ahem) area.

  4. Know what I think? Good parenting is the REAL Magic of the Rainbow.

  5. Smart and beautiful is hard to beat!

    Go Momma!

  6. That's one switched on girl! You did good, mum!

    I refuse to have Barbies or Bratz in the house (the dolls) although we do have a film of each one. My daughter and I laugh about their tiny waists and spaghetti legs... Unfortunately, some of her classmates really do want to look like Barbie.. a worrying trend of skinny girls not wanting to eat. And they are only 8!

  7. Well,Good parenting your kid.


  8. Totally loved this story! i don't mind Barbies but we steer clear of Bratz! Actually I brainwashed her when she was 3 & told her it is not nice to call anyone a brat so she still calls them sweetie dolls :)

    oh...& I don't like the boy Barbies...leads to too much kissing :) I tell her if her Barbies are kissing then I get her "Troy" doll for a week :) She's only 5 :)

  9. Yes, you are and you have an amazing daughter.

  10. "Uh huh. But I'm beautiful, too." Sing it again, sister! :-)

  11. I felt that way for a very long time (and still do in re the dolls). But the Barbie in the movies is absolutely nothing like the doll: she may be tall (like Germans) and very Scandinavian looking, but she really isn't busty at all. The movies are very good and we enjoy them very much (as we discovered after checking out a hand-me-down Nutcracker). Btw, the dancing is absolutely fabulous there: it's mapped onto the real American Ballet Theatre and choreographed (to the best of my memory)by Jerome Robbins. The music is done by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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  13. The post is really interesting. You really great and you are having an amazing daughter.


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