October 22, 2010

I'm NOT living through my children... exactly

K has been enrolled in gymnastics class since she was three years old so I was getting worried when she turned 7 and still couldn't do a cartwheel.

I'm a fairly easy going mother.  I mean, I'm strict about a few things, but I don't expect to live vicariously through my children. 

Except for one thing: the cartwheel.  I require that all of my children can do a perfect cartwheel by the age of 8. 

Why?  Because I never could, dammit.  I practiced all summer when I was 8 and I totally sucked.  I never got over it.

I reckon some people just aren't at their best when flying through the air. 

Recently we found a new hard core gymnastics class that meets 2 hours twice a week.  And after only 4 classes K can execute a flawless cartwheel.

She has now satisfied all of my vicarious ambitions for her.

Of course, I would also like see to see her happy, productive, self-confident and married to a good man with three kids and a satisfying career but I don't insist on it.  I'm just the mom here, not the puppet master.

Mind you, I'm not done yet messing with my children's lives.  L already do a fine handstand but we still have to nail that cartwheel.  And little Gerhard won't be able to do a cartwheel for quite a while.


  1. wait. I thought we were SUPPoSED to do these things. I mean, my boys need to meet a nice girl who will love their mom and treat him well. And visit alot.

  2. I think you can learn a cartwheel now.

    Scratch that. Baby Hermann might not like that too much.


  3. I never could either. I always looked slightly special needs. I think you should dress them up like little beauty pageant prostitots too.

  4. LOL! Baby G will probably do a perfect cartwheel in utero... Just wait!

  5. Cartwheels are so fun, I think it is a great rule to have

  6. Now you just have to make sure she keeps doing it because I used to be able to do them and then one day I stopped and could never get it right again.

  7. The vicarious life is so much more fun than real life! :)

  8. I so love this post. I worked really hard at messing with my kids lives. Just ask their therapists. :-)

  9. Baby G will learn cartwheel soon, I really liked the post thanks for sharing with us...

  10. I don't think you need to worry about this. K would be able to tackle all the difficulties that would come in the way. Its a great thing and need utter dedication.


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