October 12, 2010

My Big Man and My Little Man

My little man is growing and kicking up a storm but until my next doctor visit I probably won't have any news about him.  I'm growing, too, and people no longer tell me I look exactly like Kate Moss.

I miss that.

If the baby had been a girl I would have named her Annika but her surprise sex change has left us struggling for a male name that both Germans and Americans can pronounce and doesn't sound too Biblical.

For example, my favorite name Ethan is pronounced 'Ay-tan' here, which is stupid.  Ditto with other names I like: Justin = 'yoo-steen.'  Jason = 'ya-zon.'

My favorite German names have been overruled by Ralf, who assures me no self-respecting German would gives these names to a child: Markus, Dieter, Johann.

Cool international names such as Iago and Merrik have been overruled on similar grounds.

Other names we're I'm considering: Starbuck, Annikin, Meriadoc, Vlad, Iorich, Albus and Saturn.

But now a call out to my big man, who thinks I'm beautiful (or is at least wise enough to pretend he does) and says all the right things, for example:

When I was worried about cosmic radiation from flying: "The gummy bear needs to man up."

When I was worried about bringing another person into a crowded, depleted, irresponsible world: "Don't worry, this one will be the one who saves us all."

When I tied a jaunty ribbon around my middle: "That looks completely st... great!"

When I tried a new recipe: "Figs. With cheese." A pause. "Yum."

Isn't he wonderful? :-)


  1. LOL - yes, he's learning to say all the right things! How about Bejamin? Or Lucas - or even Albus (After Dumbledore)...

  2. Haha! Figs. With cheese. Ralf is indeed catching on.

    Name him Geoff and be done with it. ;-)

  3. Sven? I do like the name Annika. My coworker's name is Antje. NO ONE can pronounce it properly. When her clients call, all they have to say is, "The therapist whose name I can't pronounce."

  4. I am so excited for you! And I'm cracking up at your jaunty ribbon!

  5. Have you considered the name Garbanzo? That's what I told my mother I was going to name the baby if it was a boy. I think she is relieved it's going to be a girl.

  6. Congratulations!

    Re names, how about Deke?

  7. Given the title of this post, how about Dustin for the "Little Big Man"?
    Silliness aside, pick a name you both like, and everybody will learn to pronounce it (sort of...)

  8. Has your German ruled out Tobias? That's a personal favorite of mine!

  9. I like Tobias too but that's Ralf's best friend's name and we figured it would be grist for the rumor mill if we named him Tobias...

  10. I think this is very funny because I have cousins-in-law named Markus, Dieter and Johannes. And Florian, Wulfric and (the classic) Christian. Also lots of females named Kristine , Christina, Rosewithe and so on. And Ethan. Which means Erns, so you might go with that classic one (also in my family multiple times, as is Franz Joseph).
    If I'd had a boy, I would have gone with a Wulf variant, as it is on both sides of my family tree as well as my husband's.

  11. Ahhh...he is wonderful with answers like those. And wise to boot.


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