December 8, 2010

Homunculus Domesticus Americanus

Nothing says Christmas like online shopping so while Ralf was in California I ordered him some soft shearling slippers and a pair of monogrammed PJs from Land's End. 

Then I had a dilemma - you have 14 days to return items but it was more than 14 days to Christmas. 

I had no choice: I had to get him to try it all on.

First the PJs, which he stared at silently before observing glumly, 'It's monogrammed.  You can't send it back anyway.'

Good point.  I re-wrapped the PJs and pulled out the slippers, which he stared at even more silently.

'You don't like them?' I prompted.

'I, ah, wouldn't have picked them out for myself,' he admitted.  His eyes tracked longingly to his beloved tatty old house shoes.

'Why not?' I demanded.  'They're nice!'

'I'll look like a domesticated American man in those things,' he muttered. 

Well, he had a point.  A girl can dream, can't she?  I mean, if I can wear a Dirndl, he can suck it up and wear Land's End liesure wear.

But... long story short, I kept the PJs and sent the slippers back.  Baby steps.

While in California he received an iPad from our CEO in recognition of his hard work.  K and L were highly excited about this, since the iPad games include a farting cat.  They usually resent his long hours, but as soon as they understood that the iPad was his reward for said long hours L (5) shoved him toward his office and K (7) told him to try and earn us a Wii next time.

Oh, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving - heading into 9 months and my tummy's bigger than the turkey!


  1. What a lovely photo of you two and the turkey too! Good lesson for the kids. Hard work really does pay off!

  2. I have a sneaky feeling that a domesticated German man doesn't look much different than a domesticated American man, but he may have a point about the Land's End leisure wear...

  3. Adam has a pair of black fuzzy slippers he loves. He puts them on literally to walk about 7 feet, to the bathroom. We have carpeted floors. It's weird.

  4. Awww. you guys look great! And that is hilarious about the kids and the iPad. I'm pretty sure mine would do the same...

  5. I can't believe you're heading into the 9th month already. Time flies! Are the girls excited about their little brother?

  6. What a cute preggo you are! I have a brand new pair of slippers and I still wear my daughter's dingy old cast-offs from 2 years ago. I understand your hubs completely.

  7. I love the photo and your dress is gorgeous. Most maternity wear isn't.

    Men and their shoes. They are worse than us!

  8. How the heck do you Yanks get the bird looking as if it had a trip to Tenerife. Mine never looks that colour.

  9. A bird with a basketball, you are! In your ninth month already? Time flies.

  10. My husband wears reindeer pjs all year long. Can you domesticate him for me?

    You look wonderful.

  11. Reindeer pjs all year? Sorry, out of my league...


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