March 3, 2011

I Love You but You're Annoying

He looks so sweet, doesn't he?

And so he is... when he's sleeping.  The rest of the time he's a bit of a disgruntled customer.  Not to mention stubborn, opinionated and anal retentive. 

(He'll be a fine German man.)

Boys and their digestive systems!  Sheesh!

But we love him dearly.  Good thing for him he's so cute.

Since this is my third child his cries don't send me into transports of panic.  I cuddle him, kiss his silky little head and breath in his musky scent and wait patiently for the crying to stop.  And occasionally I just let him cry for a bit while I throw in a load of laundry.

With my girls I'm a bit less patient: Over the weekend K wrote a note saying how desperately bored she felt so I made her clean her room for an hour.

She hasn't been bored since.  ;-)

They've been wonderful, though.  L gives J his bottle and K reads to L and teaches her math.  Whoever invented big sisters was a genius.

Oh, hey, the baby's crying again.  Gotta run!


  1. Gosh, he is deeply cute. What an adorable little face. I hope you're getting some rest!

  2. He is adorable! Every little brother should have a big sister.. They're gold!

  3. One of life's true lessons. Well, a few of them all rolled into one.
    There is nothing worse that having kids in something for each and every waking hour. They NEED to know how be bored and how to knock fun out of it. I listen to cousins speaking about how little Johnny/Aoife is in every stupid class from yoga to French and yoga with French immersion. All for six year olds.

  4. So very sweet. Never enough kisses or cuddles, in my opinion. They grow sooo fast!

  5. I think most children are better when sleeping. :)

  6. I love my children most when they're sleeping, too.

    I love his fuzzy head in that photo. So adorable!

  7. I LOVE the part about K having to clean her room for an hour. Classic mom trick!

  8. Ah, so sweet.

    Too bad about the crying. :(

  9. We're going to take up a collection so you can buy full names for your children. Just saying.

  10. Oh, he is a doll! Boys are a different ball game, aren't they?


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