March 10, 2011


Since we haven't yet decided how to pronounce our son's name (i.e., Jonas or Yonas), we avoid using his name and refer to him with a variety of nicknames, including:

Sweet Ness Monster
Bobble Head
Mr. Happy Pants
Sweet Poo (OK, Ralf doesn't actually call him this)
Blow Out Boy

Spring is officially on its way! Since I already wrote the definitive post on Spring I have nothing more to say.


  1. What cute names! Although I'm not sure he would want to be called Mr. Happy Pants as a teenager...

  2. LOL, looking at the strip it's a bloody wonder the little chap wasn't saddled with one or all of these; Aloysius Paulus Maria "Louis" van Gaal.
    Has he been to a home match yet.

  3. Funny you should mention that - he escaped being called Alois by a hair. The German diminutive is 'Loisl' which I think is lovely. But Ralf said you can only call a baby Alois if he's already a crabby Bavarian old man.

  4. You have decided how to pronounce it? That's awesome.

  5. Sweet Ness Monster is my favorite.

  6. Now, if you had this conversation with my husband about whether to say Jonas or Yonas, he would probably respond with... "you just said the same thing twice".

  7. I think with his striped hat you should pronounce it "Waldo". He is adorable. Ya' did good. Awesome little family... :)

  8. Love the nicknames!!!
    Our family also has a strong history of nicknames for any occasion-- I mean, every time somebody gets a haircut, they get a new name.
    When our son was a newborn, he loved being swaddled up real tightly, and my husband would hand him to me for nursing with "here's Milkworm". It stuck -- don't worry, we don't call him that anymore...

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