September 12, 2010

Anatomy of a Birthday

  • A batch of pink cupcakes for K's birthday.
  • A batch of chocolate chip cupcakes and a chocolate cake to take to school.
  • A sour cream chocolate cake with chocolate icing and smarties and a batch of pink and blue cupcakes for the birthday party.
  • A cheesecake and chocolate chip cupcakes for Sunday coffee with friends.
  • A flourless chocolate cake for the parent's association.

That's pretty much been my week. Oh, and the birthday party itself, which was yesterday.

The invited kids were a mixed bunch of different ages and genders, so we needed a variety of program points.

Ralf was worried that the children would not follow the program.

I shrugged. 'So we'll crank up the music and toss in a bag of chips.'

I never worry about stuff like that. My worries are much more abstract.

We started with snacks and music, which the girls danced to on the table while the boys hid behind the book shelf.

Then, for the little ones we played 'bang the pot', which is where you blindfold a child, give them a spoon and send them tapping around on the floor while the other kids yell, 'Warm! Cold!' until they bang the pot. They get to eat the sweet that is under the pot.

The big girls sat in the corner during this, nonplussed, while the boys ran up and down the stairs.

Then we set up a 'beauty corner' and the big girls were roped in to put make up on the little girls. At the same time, we gave everyone a new t-shirt and invited the to decorate them with specially ordered iron on decals.

This won over big and small girls alike but the boys were still bored.

Next Ralf took all the kids outside for relay races and ran them mercilessly for about an hour while I ironed on the fiddly decals. I hated to miss the games but could hear how much fun they were having. Ralf may have missed his calling as a camp councilor or little league coach.

The girls kicked the boys' butts.

After this we had cake and presents and then the parents came to collect their worn out, t-shirt sporting offspring.

Whew - one birthday down, the next one in less than two months...


  1. And alls well that ends well! Happy Birthday K!!!

  2. Cake and games - what bliss! I love birthday parties, as long as someone else is organizing them.

  3. Last week we did a Basteln birthday party, but we saved some trauma by having it at Idee. That was the chocolate cake with the pink frosting. The school party was the unbelievably rich chocolate cupcakes with the powdered sugar and whipped cream topping. Luckily, we have no PTA I need to cook for, though!

  4. Sounds awesome! I assume you gained 15 pounds this week, eating cupcakes?

  5. We have a birthday in our house next week! Planning is in full swing. Happy birthday to your baby!

  6. That "bang the pot" sounds like fun. I'll have to try it next year.

  7. I love birthday parties. Very nice post. Thank you for sharing your view....

  8. How great that your husband is right in the thick of it. Great memories for the kids.


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