September 8, 2010


I was just kidding yesterday when I said explanations are tedious.  I usually love explaining things but I spent hours on Blogger trying to upload more than one picture and gave up in disgust.  I'll try to circle about about our vacation, unless I get distracted by some other topic.

In the meantime, here are some recent searches that have enticed a global audience to my blog:


  1. Feet and crabs - that must attract the nuts! And yes, I did take that spiderweb photo.

  2. Those are SO much cooler than the ones I get. How do you find out how they search for you?

  3. OK, so what is the secret to finding out what people have searched?

  4. The Oktober Fest Song Angora Cat has me curious. Now I have to go google that!

  5. Ok, maybe mine weren't so bad after all. lol

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