September 9, 2010

Tracking Your Blog Stats

A few people asked me how I knew what keywords led to my site.

Blogger actually provides this service for free.  When you go to for your profile, there's a new 'Stats' tab:
If you click into 'Traffic Sources' you'll see where your visitors arrive from and the key words:

Google Analytics does a more thorough job but you need to add code on your blog to get it to work. 

If you don't use Blogger, try Googling 'track blog stats'.


  1. I haven't looked at that tab yet. I keep seeing it but don't think to look!

  2. I looked at that tab for the first time last week. I use Statcounter anyway, but it's cool to have!

  3. I've never figured this stuff out (so not internet savy). But I'm glad I find the people I do

  4. We've tried Google Analytics twice, and twice--for no apparent reason--it just stopped tracking visits. (And we knew you were out there, we could hear you typing.) We were pleased to see that Google went ahead and just added a tab to Blogger.

  5. The first time I checked mine, I was a bit dismayed. I should have figured with a blog named Butts and Ashes that the search keywords would be a bit "off".


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