December 14, 2008

When life gets simple

Life is very simple when your child is sick. The world fades away and there are no deadlines, no errands, nothing that can’t wait. The only thing that matters is holding your child close and imparting comfort.

K was recently vaccinated and went to bed last night with a light fever that’s still with her. It’s worrisome because it’s only the 3rd fever she’s ever had in her 5 years – she had one when she was teething and one bad one with an ear infection, that’s it. But after a quiet morning she’s now feeling well enough to eat goldfish, watch ‘Christmas with Callou’ and laugh at bathroom humor (I said the word 'poop'). Also, she just complained that her apple juice was too warm so I think she’s getting better. My maternal instincts, those strings of the soul that connect me to my firstborn, don't warn me that this is anything very serious and after reading some other mommy blogs this week I am deeply grateful.

But her green eyes look so big in her pale face and a little voice in my head warns me to stay vigilant so I feel her forehead again when I bring her a fresh apple juice. A bit better, I think.

L’s got a cold but it hasn’t slowed her down at all, she's as bouncy and naughty as ever. Yesterday she sat on the Poinsettia, crushing it flat, and to my great surprise, said, ‘Oh, wank!’

My little bubis.

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