December 31, 2008

No New Year for Me...

I’m taking a page out of Naturelady’s book to pay tribute to some past New Year’s Eve parties because… sob… there will be no New Year’s party for me this year. The reason? Tonight I will only have been on antibiotics for 36 hours and that’s not long enough to stop being contagious. Although I’ve presumably been contagious for several weeks, and Ralf and the kids haven’t (knock on wood) caught anything, I can’t in good conscience invite 30 people with children into my house after the doctor told me point blank that I’m a danger to the community.

Soooo... the party has been moved to a friend’s house and I won’t be going. Ralf and I are really bummed because we’ve been celebrating New Year’s with the same friends since 2000, when only one couple had kids. Over time, more kids have come to bless our lives and now we pretty much all have kids so although our NY parties aren’t as wild and decadent as they used to be, we kind of get two parties for the price of one because the kids all disappear upstairs and have their own party.

It’s still up in the air if Ralf will go. I think he should get out and have some fun after watching me be sick for three weeks, but he doesn’t want to leave me alone on New Year’s Eve. Also he’s in a bit of a funk about this and doesn’t quite have the right party spirit. I'll try to persuade him.

It’s frustrating because if the first doctor I went to had given me antibiotics I’d be all better now and could have been spared 10 days of sleepless misery. Somewhat ironically (unlike Alanis Morissette, I actually know what ironic means), I always resisted giving my kids antibiotics when they were sick in the US because I believe the body can usually heal itself and avoid the personal and community costs of antibiotics. I also believe in being sure of your diagnosis before throwing broad band antibiotics at anyone who coughs twice. But although I haven’t needed antibiotics since I was a kid, I knew two weeks ago that this wasn’t going away on its own so what with the ruined New Year’s Eve and everything, it’s a bummer.

On the other hand, all is not lost. I have a couple of things that I am deeply thankful for that lessen the blow of missing New Year’s Eve with our friends:

1. My cough is being defeated by the antibiotics! I slept an entire night without coughing once. In my book, after a month of suffering, there can be no higher joy.

2. I wouldn’t have been able to drink anyway since I’m taking antibiotics.

3. I’m an introvert and a party without drinking is generally a party where I hide in the corner. Although I like to party as much as the next person, I am also happy as a clam snuggled up with old friends like Harry Potter, Buffy or Jane Austen.

4. We don’t have to clean our house now. Wahoooo!

5. I’m still 8 pounds down from the flu – although that’s actually sad because now I don’t get to flaunt it.


  1. Have the New Year party next week. If they love you, they will come. Eight pounds is worth it, surely.

  2. Not much of a New Year's buzz in my neck of the woods either due to illness! But here's to a healthier 2009 with 'Super Immnunity'


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