June 10, 2009

Cause She's Got. . . Personality

. . . and naturally blond hair and a sweet disposition and lots of money and and legs that go on forever. . .

OK that's actually someone else but I DO have personality because Gracie said so. Thank you, Gracie!
So, here's how it goes. I tell you seven personality traits of mine then tag seven of you to be queen for a day. You also get this lovely banner.
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you already know everything about me. You know where I stand on politics, economy, gay marriage, non-gay marriage, television, education, books and parenting.
But do these things actually characterize me?
Well, yeah, they kind of do but I like to think there's more to me than my passionate activism and effortless parenting. For example:
1. I am an introvert. I know, you didn't see that coming at all. This doesn't mean that I cringe in the corner when someone talks to me, it just means that I recharge when I'm alone and expend energy when I'm with others. I'm also rubbish at small talk so I almost never strike up an acquaintance in the park or at the grocery store. And I rarely pick up the telephone.
2. I can spot trends. Give me a few data points and I can tell you what the possible outcomes are, with relative probabilities. I'm not like Data on Star Trek NG but I have very good instincts about large trends. Unfortunately I can't predict things like who will win the World Cup or which average looking B actors People Magazine will try to market as the 100 Most Beautiful People but you'll have a better chance guessing correctly yourself if you distance yourself from my guess.
3. I worry about things. For example, if you send someone a really funny email and they laugh so hard they choke on their lunch and die, is that manslaughter?
4. I talk to myself. I often have imaginary conversations with people in my head. Ralf makes fun of me when he catches me arguing with a colleague who isn't actually in the room. I am the star of the show that is my life and I direct on all the roles, write the script, design the costumes, manage the lighting, produce the sound track and give myself all the good lines. And I always get the last word.
5. When I was small I had a huge crush on Christopher Robin. Yes, he's a cartoon, but even today I think he's pretty cute.
6. I believe that inspiration is all around us. In addition to the many conversations directed by me that go on in my head (see previous point), I also communicate with something outside myself when I need a second opinion. Something bigger than me with way better ideas.
7. I am very visual. When I design software I see a pattern, although 'see' might not be the right word. When the design is done the pattern is almost complete. It has integrity. Patterns also help me tell if things are true, although knowing something isn't true is not the same as knowing the truth so it's not the big life changer you'd think it would be. Interestingly they've done study on frozen water that has been impressed with concentrated feelings of love and hate and the loved water forms the most beautiful, intricate patterns. Hated water loses its pattern. For more information see The Secret of Water, it's a kids' book.
Now I have to tag some of you and believe me, it's not easy because all of us have personality. That's why we blog, right, to have an outlet for all that extra personality.
I've decided to tag some fresh faces this time around as a thank you for dropping by, following this blog and exposing yourselves to my excess personality.
Shawna - Shawna is a student at UC Davis getting ready for a year abroad in Turkey. She is curious, open minded and a good person.
Unworthy - Anyone who calls themselves Unworthy gets my personality vote. Unworthy is a new blogger with one post so far so hopefully this will give her more to blog about. Not sure if you're stopping by regularly but if you see this, consider yourself tagged.
Wendy - Wendy was recently listed on Blogs of Note but I FOUND HER FIRST. Well, with about 70 other people until the Blogs of Note gig and then it was. . . erm. . . more. Her blog bursts with red neck (her own words) personality and she conveys a deep love of small town life that is very captivating.
Jen Maclean - I like Jen's blog. It kind of reminds me of my own, although it looks completely different and has a totally different focus. But every time I visit I find a unique recipe or a useful tip or a really beautiful picture and think, 'I could have posted that.'
Patti - If anyone has a great personality it's Patti, who just lost her hair from chemo and is totally rolling with it. She will probably make medical history, proving the link between positive attitude and healing. Go, Patti!
PattyP - Patty and I work together so I not only get to enjoy her well-written blog, I also get to read her memos and company updates. She's a very good writer and unlike me, she only posts when she has something to say.
Fiona - Fiona is an expat living in Switzerland and. . . liking it. The dot dot dot was because the Germans think the Swiss are a bit odd.
Cee - Cee is another new blogger who is doing a great job and deserves some bloggie love.
OK that's 8 but I couldn't decide.
Congratulations and let the personality dissection begin!


  1. Oh, the pressure! This one may take a few days of brain rattling thought but I'll get there! And, the water thing - I have to check that out, just as soon as watch a few more episodes of CHUCK!

  2. Awww thank you so much! That's really sweet :)
    And I like the Christopher Robin comment - I guess he is kind of cute actually...

  3. Glad to hear I am not the only one who talks to herself!

  4. I talk to myself too. I think its a sign of brilliance

  5. I just love reading your posts and your lists. So no nonsense. And who doesn't like Christopher Robin?

  6. Of course there is inspiration all around us - and in us too... And yes, isn't Christopher Robin sweet..

  7. I am a very visual person too. I love pictures, would rather watch TV rather than listen to music, etc.

  8. Thanks for tagging me. This may take me a couple of days to complete, but I'll get it done. Oh the pressure!

  9. Well, now I know so much about you I feel like we are all sisterly like and stuff. I can be an introvert too. Certain times and stuff.
    Could you write a post on conspiracy, I love, love reading about it!

  10. I am deeply flattered, and will get around to this (probably tomorrow). In the meantime wine is calling!

  11. My love for Christopher Robin is deep and abiding. He was always so kind to Pooh.

    Thanks for these links. I'm off to check a few out.

  12. Your introvert description fit me to a T, but I'm going to have to think about who my cartoon crush is. Christopher Robin is an excellent fellow.
    Also you are an excellent list maker.

  13. I also have imaginary conversations with people. Sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. It's fun and therapeutic. It also helps you iron out witty comebacks in advance.

  14. i talk so much to myself, I'm thinking I better pretend I'm on a call even if no one is on the other end

  15. Thank you for the kind words on my failed going away party and the tag! I'm sorry I've been swamped and neglectful of the blog comments but I'm slowly catching back up! This should be a fun activity :)

    P.S. Christopher Robin of all people?!

    Shawna's Study Abroad


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