June 7, 2009

Small Town Sunday

It is again Small Town Sunday at Wendy's and as usual I have been a bit loose in my interpretation of the rules because I am not from a small town and don't spend much time in the Bavarian countryside.

So here is this week's offering:

Sleeping Kitty:

Baking Bread:

Old Friends:
Time Flies

The first picture is of me and Max (remember Max?), the second is of me and the girls.


  1. I will take a small town anytime over large. And I always seem to get the largest ones. Great pictures. Sweet little kitty. I love 'em.

  2. Hey Ive got some small town pics on my blog too:

    And ive had a similar experience baking bread! Luckily it was for a biology class so didnt actually have to be edible :)


  3. I will have some bread please.

  4. Great photos!!! I saw "Sister Act" on your shelf and had to share with you that I got to be an extra in "Sister Act 2". I was in the audience, but if we watched it together and I paused it at just the right time, I could show you where I was. :-D

    Have a great week,


  5. Small Town Sundays are awesome. Even though I don't live in a small town anymore, I feel as though I do. Our neighborhood is removed from all the activity of the city. I love the slower pace and the peaceful setting.

  6. And that is why I've pretty much given up on baking bread. I even mess it up in the darn bread machine.

    I do enjoy an orange tabby, however.

  7. I cheat and use the bread machine. :) I love your interpretation of STSS! I'm glad you're playing!

  8. Great pics! At first I thought that the rising bread was in fact icing on chocolate cake...

    Mmm.. now - what does that mean, I wonder?

  9. Love your photos. I'm especially drawn to the bread. I've never tried to bake any from scratch myself and after seeing your picture I'm certain I wouldn't be able to do this. Your cat looks rather comfortable in the flower box. Have a great night.

  10. Don't be too discouraged by the bread. I did actually end up scraping what I could off the towel and baking it. It was bland but otherwise inoffensive.


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