June 26, 2009

Make the right call

I just called my representative and left a voicemail. I said that I'm a voter and want to urge support for sustainable green legislation. I added that it's not just about green or job creation, it's about how our entire economy and way of life is dependent on surplus energy. And oil as a cheap and readily available form of energy is running out.

Now's the time to break our complete dependence on an increasingly scarce resource. Consider calling today before the big vote. If they vote against investing in sustainable green energy we'll pay the price for it not that far down the road, probably in our lifetimes, definitely in our kids'.

If you don't believe me, do not call your Representative and we'll all just hope I'm wrong. If you do believe, even a little bit, please click here and make a phone call. It's your duty as an American, a voter, a parent, a global citizen and an adult.

(Not to lay it on too thick or anything.)


  1. Oh I believe you!! I will click here for us.

    If anything, we need to end our dependance on oil from nutty overseas regimes.

  2. No pressure, though, right?? :D Okay, I'm going to get my "green" on!

  3. Crap! Stop making me feel guilty!

  4. I've emailed my rep or senator a time or two, only to get a canned response, followed by a flurry of self-serving emails from his or her office. Next time, I think I'll send a fax -- I've heard those actually get read by someone. It maybe the janitor who reads it, but at least it's a human!

  5. I believe you! I'm liking Lawyer Mom's fax idea.
    Googles away...


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