October 26, 2009

Naked tush and Scarpetta spoiler

Sounds like a juicy post, doesn't it?

Well, not so much. The naked tush in question belongs to L, my baby who turns 4 next week.

While Ralf and I were in California for our conference L and K stayed with their German grandparents. On the last night a pair of wet PJ bottoms was discovered carefully hung over the side of the bath tub. Upon further investigation, a naked tush was discovered air drying in L's bed while the rest of her was completely buried in blankets. New PJ bottoms were put on and the blanket was adjusted to a more normal position.

Fast forward 2 hours and a second pair of PJ bottoms was found lovingly hung next to the first pair and the same scene greeted her grandparents in her room, i.e., naked tush in the air.

She's not even Generation Y.

This is the sort of thing you miss when you travel.

On the plane home I read Scarpetta, the most recent Cornwell installment involving freak mutations and an inside job. In the last book I read by her, one bad guy had a condition that made him look like a werewolf and the other bad guy (who turned out to be his brother) was an inside guy in the FBI special forces. So I kind of stopped reading Cornwell books until this last one and was annoyed by the similar plot.

I mean, you can't always have the cop being the bad guy, it undermines trust.

Other than that, however, it seems I missed a lot: Benton is alive again, Lucy is filthy rich, Rose is dead, Fielding's still bitching about life, Marino is into clean living and Kay Scarpetta, the gifted forensic specialist who once solved a case by knowing about some rare disease that makes you smell like maple syrup, has evolved from moderately attractive to a famous, gorgeous CNN spokesperson that now goes by her last name.

Kind of like me, although if you ask me, Honeypiehorse is way cooler than Scarpetta.


  1. LOL! I also stopped reading Scarpetta because if implausible plots!

    You've got one thing on her though - you are an expert in naked tushes whereas she is mostly an expert in the kitchen ... well, of course, and in that whole catch the baddie using forensics stuff too.

  2. So, did the wet-PJ-drying-tushie mystery get solved?

  3. That naked tush story is way too cute and funny! Especially with the rest of her buried in the blankets with her naked tush 'air drying'. Love it!

    And yes, Honeypiehorse is way cooler than Scarpetta. ;)

  4. I am sooo behind on reading all my favorite authors since moving out of the US. I'm seriously contemplating getting the Kindle so I can get the books when they're released - otherwise I can't keep track of which ones I've already read. Okay, now I'm just filling your comment space with useless information.

    Liked the naked-tush story lol.

  5. I have no idea what Scarpetta even is. I'm still trying to get through Dan Brown's book.

  6. I've never heard of Scarpetta, either. But I still know that Honeypiehorse trumps Scarpetta every time.

  7. Testing comments since Lawyer Mom was unable to post one. What's up with that, Blogger?? Fix your junk.

  8. Oh my! I was laughing so hard over the tush story! How cute! Did they get pics for you?

  9. Sara - no pictures, alas, although even if there were I don't want to post too many naked pictures of my babies so they don't sue me some day.

  10. I saw a kid sitting on a wall from behind and all we could see was his WHOLE butt, pants down and all. It was like he mistook the wall for a toilet seat. It was horrible.

    Sorry for the visual... but it was good to tell someone...


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