October 21, 2009


Hey, I can talk again!

It was kind of liberating not speaking all weekend but that's all over now and I'm now at a conference in San Francisco. Talking rather a lot, actually. Presenting, even.

So, did I notice any life changing revelations during my silent meditational weekend?

No, not as such. I'm still pretty much the same. Maybe taller.

However, I do suddenly seem to be able to remember everyone's name, even people I just met. For example, I see someone I don't know very well and their name just comes to me. So, I'm clearly transformed in some way because I'm usually hopeless with names.

Maybe shutting the heck up for a couple of days cleared out my short term memory....


  1. Maybe I can try this at work so I don't tell our intern off.

  2. Unbelievable! Not speaking? Maybe my cat could go to this retreat!

    Lion's breath for the speaking!

  3. Oh... I need to try the quiet game!! The students are so disappointed that I can not remember their names!! I really want to. Without the seating chart, I am screwed!!

  4. I'm sure relaxing, being silent and not getting stressed about anything helps the memory!

    Don't worry - you'll soon be back to the normal name-forgetting status... ;-)

  5. Hope it was silently uplifting. Glad you're back.

  6. Pretty rad. I def need a memory reboot.

  7. WHAT??? Man, I can't make it more than an hour. Ever. Maybe I should try 1.2 hours and see if I feel refreshed.
    Have fun!


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