July 24, 2009

Hawaii or Bust

OK folks this is it - tomorrow we embark on our two week vacation. First we will go to LA to visit my family, then we will attempt to fly standby to Hawaii. W

Please wish us luck because our fallback plan is driving down to, say, Orange County. No offense to OC but Hawaii is better.

Not sure what my Internet availability will be so if I seem to vanish off the face of the Earth for two weeks, that's why.

Be good.


  1. I am so jealous! I hope you have a horrible vacation without me.

  2. No contest. Hawaii is much better. I've been to three islands. It wasn't enough. I want to see / visit / live / etc all of them. Hawaii just smells good.

  3. Oh... I want Hawaii for you. I need to hear how much you love it. I have a follower who lives on Hawaii... http://phhhst.blogspot.com/

    She has some posts about the state that you may enjoy. Very friendly. Drop her a comment.

  4. I suppose you could always drive to Hawaii. . . .?

  5. Sending positive vibes!

    Yes, I teach yoga and some pilates. I can also teach other formats occasionally.

  6. But I don't want to be gooooood!

    Have fun - and I hope you get to Hawaii!

  7. Good. I am {sorta} paranoid and might start to wonder what happened to you.

  8. In spite of my jealousy, I hope you have a tremendous (and trouble free) time. Positive vibes indeed!
    But boy am I jealous. :) Take lots of pictures.

  9. good luck! I hope you see the islands!


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