July 3, 2009

Olympic Day

This morning our Kindergarten had an Olympic Day for the kids who will be going to school next year, which I dutifully attended.
Picture about 30 kids sitting on benches outside. One by one they run through an obstacle course that includes benches, a jump rope, a hoolahoop, some climing, digging sand, throwing and catching a ball, that sort of thing. The first boy goes and does a creditable job. The entire course takes several minutes. Then the next child. Then the next. A hot sun. A smattering of polite clapping.
I've had high school on the brain lately and found myself picturing these 5- and 6-year-olds in high school. I could see it all: The jock. The dork. The fattie. The spaz. The rich bitch. The gawky girl. The cheerleader. The undersized hottie. The class clown. The normal kid. The good egg. And K, who is not so easy for me to place, although if I had to I'd say she's mostly normal, a little gawky and definitely a good egg.
Kind of like me.
K went toward the end, which turned out to be a good thing since my seat was stolen by another mommy the second I stood up to watch her do her stuff. She performed each task adequately, without embarassment, distinction or flair. Unlike the girl right before her who stopped and waived at the audience after each step. Or the skinny little boy who tripped over his own feet. Or the chubby little girl that someone had unkindly dressed in dirty white spandex shorts.
K was surprisingly good at hoolahoop. I myself was school hoolahoop champion by the age of 8 so it would appear that there is a hoolahoop gene.
All in all K didn't seem to take the obstacle course too seriously. She went through the motions and waited for refreshments to be offered.
A lot like me, really.


  1. This sounds a little painful to watch!!! I think the worst thing that I ever sat through was a recital for my boys guitar teacher. Beginning violin players should NOT be invited to play at a recital.

  2. The things schools put parents through! We also had to endure an Olympic Day except it was freezing and we had to walk around the field to watch our kids do the various activites. Thankfully it was all over in 45 minutes!

  3. "The undersized hottie." Ha! That *is* a category!
    I can't figure out what my kids fall under either. I hope they aren't the angsty underachiever that I was. I was actually pissed that they still let me wear the national honor society thingy for graduation because I knew I'd screwed off for at least the last year and a half of school.

    So with my kids I guess I'd just be happy if they didn't act like me at that age.

  4. Sounds terrible! My kids would just have hated it! Although refreshments sound good!

  5. I'm sure she she will be in the real Olympics in no time!

  6. As always, I love K's attitude. Seriously, I could learn a lot from her.

    Me, I was a strange mixture of an overachiever and a rebel in high school. Desperately trying to do my best, and stepping in when something unfair was done. It sounds pretty good and heroic and everything, but it sucked big time. I was stressed, edgy and lonely all the time, and it finally wore me out.

    All I wish is that I was a little more relaxed, and had just a wee bit more fun. So believe me, K is often an example for me.


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