July 15, 2009

She Strikes Again

Nothing says thank you like a roaring kitchen fire in summer, right? It wasn't even my fault, the parchment paper I was using to bake french fries inexplicably burst into flame in the oven. This would have been a good time to flood the kitchen to put out the fire, but sadly, the two events were discrete.
Fortunately for our friends, we're moving out this weekend to new digs and new appliances.
This is just a quick post because I'm busy designing the last word in compensation solutions but I wanted to share a few observations I've made in sunny CA.
1. Solar Panels - Where the hell are they??? The sun shines 362 days a year here, people!
2. It's freezing - Except in my car and outside I'm generally freezing my butt off. Should I really be wearing a thick Lululemon sport jacket in high summer, chic and fashionable as it may be? Is it normal to send my kids to school in jeans and long-sleeved shirts in July so they won't catch cold indoors? Am I turning German?
3. Hang the DJ - I'd forgotten how much I dislike chatty Northern Californian DJs, who seem to view playing music as a regretable but necessary interruption of their own eloquence. Get a blog!
4. Whole Foods - I love you. I can't afford you, but I love you.
5. Trader Joe's - I don't love you quite as much as Whole Foods, but I do love you.


  1. Hmmm, it's quite cold in germany right now. I'm missing my 'other' home in Davis! I think I'm becoming german becasue whenever I go back, I'm battling my parent's air conditioner temperature setting. I should not have to wear a sweater inside!

  2. It's crazy that buildings have to be over air-conditioned. No, we should not have to wear jackets inside!

    Aren't all US DJs like that? Sheesh!

    I also cannot afford Whole Foods.

  3. OH, what I'd give for cold weather right now!

  4. I hate being cold - especially when I'm indoors where the climate is supposed to be "controlled!"

  5. You set the oven on fire?--championship! lol. I've done it too though. No big deal, right?

    I have a heater at my desk to combat the air conditioning. It's not healthy, I tell ya!


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