November 18, 2008

The Commenter's Meme

As a new blogger I was deeply proud to be mentioned on Charlotte's Web as part of the Commenter's Meme: here

Charlotte is an established mommy life blogger with a wide and loyal following. She is also a true community builder with a kind word for everyone in the virtual blogger world. Anyway, I've gotten quite a bit of traffic on my own little blog since she referenced me and now I am 'tagged.' This means that I'm also supposed to do the 'Commenter's Meme' and answer questions about the last 10 commenters on my blog.

Unfortunately, although I've had over 1000 hits since I started blogging in September, I don't yet have enough comments to do the Meme.

Bloggers, help me out: I still need 5 more comments! If you are one of the next 5 commenters on my blog I will comment on your blog in one of my next few postings.



  1. Here you go: I've just discovered you through Charlotte, and I'm having great fun reading you (although I don't always comment, because, well, I have to fool people into thinking I do other fun and exciting things, besides reading blogs all day).

  2. I'm a fairly new blogger too, and found you through Charlotte. I'm sort of the reverse of an expat: I'm originally German, but very much an American now.
    I'm really enjoying reading your blog, and have a link to your site. I've lived away from Germany so long now that when I visit, I sometimes feel like, well, a visitor! So your descriptions and commentaries of the two cultures is very interesting to me, and you're really FUN to read!

  3. For someone obsessed with HCM and compensation, how in the wide world do you find the time and mind space to (1) come up with interesting blog topics, (2) be so prolific in your blogging, (3) keep up with the paces of work, mom, and wife, and (4) become a German? It's a fun road to travel with you!


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