November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Pea and Congratulations America

Yesterday was L's 3rd birthday. She was so excited to be the birthday girl and flirted with her guests and played with each of her presents for hours. Her grandparents also organized a spectacular Kaspertheater.

It was a bit of a crazy day. In the wake of the moving craziness last week, I had spent 2 days running around procuring enough ingredients to make cake for 25 children at Kindergarten, another cake for family and enough food to feed a dozen people. We ended up having a few drop ins so there I was baking cake, lasagne and chicken pepperoni for everyone in the kitchen while the doorbell kept ringing. I intentionally made too much food, thinking we could eat leftover for the rest of the week but I thought wrong - every crumb was consumed.

Unfortunately, now we have no food until Monday, which is my regular shopping day. So as I write this I am a bit peckish.

Yesterday was also an important day for other Americans besides L because that's the day America elected Barrack Obama as president. We explained to L this morning that she got a new president for her birthday but she was more impressed with her new Lego zoo. Ralf and I are terribly relieved, however. George's 2nd term in office was hard on us - Ralf was plunged into depression after the last election and although I was not a particularly political person at the time, I fumed inwardly at anyone I suspected of having Republican connections. See, it was the first time I had cared enough to vote and I was devastated that the election didn't go my way.

Looking back, however, I am grateful to George and all the idiots who voted for him because I think without him change would not have been possible. Of course, Obama is not the change but his election signals a willingness to change and perhaps a belated recognition that the Republican party no longer stands for the fine conservative ideals it used to stand for back in Eisenhower's day. Also I think nothing will pep up the US economy right now like a charismatic president.

So, thank you, George. And thank you, idiots.

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