November 25, 2008

Thought for the Day: German Men Don't Do Scented Candles

I know I implied that my next posting would be the Commenter's Meme but I just had to share this great commercial from Deutsche Bahn:

Female voice: 'Honey, the weather's so awful I thought we could do a romantic night at home instead of going out. I bought scented candles, Rotbusch tea and the collector's edition of Dirty Dancing.'

Announcer's voice: 'Need to get away? EUR 29 anywhere in Germany.'

Ralf thought this was hilarious. Bit unfair, really, since I've never attacked him with scented candles OR Rotbusch tea. . .


  1. Hee Hee! Most of all I am facinated with the inclusion of "Rotbusch Tee" as part of a romantic evening! Isn't it normally a good bottle of Sekt?

  2. That's funny! I remember many years ago I brought my German grandmother some flavored coffee (probably vanilla or hazelnut, when they first came out), and she scoffed that she didn't drink "parfuemierter Kaffee"!
    BTW, my husband, who's American, was just looking over my shoulder and read your blog's title, and said: "Auf Wiedersehen", how clever-- and only then did I understand your title!!! I was too German to "get it"...

  3. That's funny! I use scented candles all the time, although I rarely attack the German with them;). I brought them from Target, though, because I don't know a reasonable prices place to buy them (and Ikea doesn't have the vanilla pillars I prefer). My German loves Rottbusch tea as well, I prefer Constant Comment in that vein.


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