May 13, 2009


I have a confession to make: We've heard of the top reality shows but don't watch any of them. Ralf prefers soccer and frankly, I'm more of a sci fi person.
Besides, I can see real people who can't sing very well at work. And at home. And in the mirror.
We have Apple TV so we can pick and choose our shows on demand with no commercials - Ralf hates American food commercials with all those dripping ketchup hamburger close ups.
The problem is, there aren't that many good shows out there once you cut out the totally staged reality TV.
Well. Last night my mom introduced me to a new show: Chuck.
The plot is this: Chuck got thrown out of school because his roommate framed him for stealing some tests and now he works at Buy More in tech support. Then his former roommate, a CIA agent, gets killed stealing some government secrets, which he then emails to Chuck. Go figure. Now Chuck has a head full of national secrets from three agency databases - the master database was destroyed so the consolidated data resides only in his brain - and begins to make organic data connections that help prevent bombings, capture arms dealers, etc. So he has a gorgeous CIA agent and a gruff NSA agent guarding him at all times while the government tries to figure out what to do with him.
Chuck is awesome. First of all, Chuck is fairly adorable if you like that type:
Next it has some of my favorite people in it - a few of them are getting on now but I'm a very loyal fan. In addition to a hilarious supporting cast of nerds, there are:
Bruce Boxleitner. Remember Bruce? He was in Scarecrow and Mrs. King for a few years, then he played the suave captain on Babylon 5. He married Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prarie and seems to have one of the few happy Hollywood marriages. I like Bruce.

Chevy Chase. I haven't seen him yet but my mom says he plays a real scary baddie in Season 2. OK he's a bit older than in his Caddyshack days but he's still the master.Adam Baldwin. I love Adam. Ralf has no idea. He was the bodyguard in My Bodyguard, then I don't know what he did until he suddenly appeared in Firefly, a cool sci fi cult show that Joss Whedon directed after Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then he showed up in the final season of Angel as a wittily sarcastic demon. And now he plays the NSA agent in Chuck. He has this great expression where his eyes just glow with suppressed outrage that totally resonates with me. I wish I could look like that.
Finally, I may have found a show to keep me going when Eureka is on hiatus.

Life is good.


  1. Actually, they are rerunning the entire Eureka in preparation for the new season starting in July. I just watched 10 episodes again this week (my Slingbox picked it up for me). Also, I quite like Gray's, Brothers is annoying me a bit, House had a crazy run ending in the season ender Monday,I still watch Heroes and Lost, although I am backed up 5 weeks, Sarah Connor Chronicles has been very interesting. I was a bit annoyed that 4400 was cancelled.
    If you are an SF fan, some time we should meet up at a con:).My husband just comes along to keep me company.

  2. The Maven household is so backwards when it comes to popular TV. If its not news or Hockey, we probably haven't seen it.

  3. I have heard of Chuck, but never watched it. Isn't it being canceled?

  4. You know I am clueless when it comes to TV but I thought it was being canceled too.

  5. I've never actually been to a convention. . . but it's nice to find a fellow Trekkie. I hope they aren't going to cancel Chuck but since I just started watching I still have quite a few episodes to get through.

  6. Biggest Loser, Real Housewives of any City, like watching a train wreck but you can't take your eyes off it

  7. We were very sad when our season of "Chuck" finished but have found solace in "The Mentalist" which isn't too bad... "Eureka" looks interesting!

  8. Haven't heard of Chuck or Eureka... if it's not a Disney or Pixar film, then the chances of me seeing it are zero.. or even less.

    Love the idea of Chuck - sounds like the opposite of a reality check!


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