May 16, 2009

Mea not culpa any more

Last night my mom and I enjoyed a Chuck marathon with a bottle of wine. Chuck just gets better and better, and has introduced me to useful phrases like 'mammary cam' and 'man cake', although our evening was forcibly interrupted midway when L began throwing up violently.
It is a full week since K came home from the Ausflug with stomach flu. You know what this means, don't you? If the flu takes a week to incubate, K was NOT patient zero. Which also means that another mom knowingly sent her sick child on the Ausflug.
Can you believe that?? I don't know about you, but I consider that kind of inconsiderate.
I am so vindicated!!
Anyway, we got L settled comfortably again with fresh PJs and a clean t-shirt for me and I cleaned the sheets, walls, rug and my hair as best I could. There was one small but scary episode where my mom tried to warm up a cherry pit cat for L's tummy and somehow ended up making the microwave emit clouds of noxious smoke and not respond to the 'STOP' button. I'll leave you to imagine the scene of two panicked women, a crying child and a rogue microwave.
But this, too, passed and all was quiet again.
K was cool as a cucumber through it all, rolling away from L when she threw up in bed and falling right asleep again despite all of the yelling and excitement.
After the incident we went trooped back downstairs for more Chuck and red wine. We finished season 1 at 1AM and I fell into bed.
This morning I woke up at with two blessedly healthy children decorating me with sea shells and driving imaginary cars over me and parking them in my arm pit, which apparently makes a fine garage. I stumbled to the bathroom, peered blearily into the mirror and was gratified to see that L's vomit had dried my hair into a surprisingly attractive style.
I'm such a party animal.


  1. Please know that I had an involuntary gag reflex in sympathy- the smell of vomit is one of the few things that actually makes me want to vomit. I can smell it in the tiniest particle. Ick.

    But I need to know- what is a cherry pit cat? I can imagine all sorts of things, but my imagination is clearly not good enough to get edibility out of my mind's eye.

  2. It's a cat-shaped bag of cherry pits that you can put in the microwave to warm up. It's like a hot water bottle only with cherry pits instead of water.

  3. Lovin' this post HPH!! The madness surely makes for a good tale. And glad you and your mom are having some time together. You're both bound to be talking about this one for some time!

  4. "What's a cherry pit cat" was going to be my first question as well. But you said it in such a matter-of-fact way I thought it might just be a stupid question. Glad that got cleared up right away. Very funny story, although I doubt it was as funny at the time. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Sounds like such a perfect morning so far! And that cherry pit bag sounds fascinating!

  6. You know you could market that hair product. Just don't tell people what's in it. Don't know how you'd mask the smell but it's Germany so they might like it.

  7. You are a total party animal! Wish you had a pic of the throw-up hair 'do.

  8. so, are these cherry-pit cats common?

  9. You really know how to live it up! You're wild!

  10. We love Chuck, too. He is the new king of the reaction shot. Also, I burned my rice bag in the microwave--the terrible odor was really hard to get rid of.

  11. is there such a thing as vomit laced hair gel? YOu could be onto something


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