May 15, 2009

Saving Chuck

Thanks for the heads up everyone - Chuck is in danger of being cancelled.
So, while I usually make impassioned pleas to stop idiots from building coal plants, I am now asking you to help me save Chuck.
Chuck is good for the environment because people watching Chuck are sitting at home in front of the TV rather than driving around in their SUVs. Chuck is also good for the economy because it helps manufacturers target their ads to people who don't watch reality TV - Chuck fans will buy more electronic gadgets, fast food and feminine products if Chuck stays on the air.
If this show dies we will soon have nothing to watch except mindless, cheap to produce (not to mention totally fake) reality shows and Hannah Montana. Is that what you want???

There's are several groups called 'Save Chuck' in Facebook. I believe you can also Twitter Chuck to safety.
Please join me in this important social media movement.

Thank you.


  1. You mean... you don't like Hannah Montana? Gasp!

    And is it really true that you can't kill wasps... you're kidding right? Right? RIGHT?

  2. I'd probably like Hannah if I were, like, 9 but since I'm all mature and everything I prefer my stars in their mid-twenties. I wish I were kidding about the wasps. Although actually, I'm not sure if it's the wasps per se, it's more that you might actually kill a bee. We're not supposed to kill anything that pollenates. Which I guess makes sense but I prefer snakes to wasps.

  3. I guess Chuck is a German television show? Hmm. Don't know. Good luck, Chuck!

    P.S. -- I'll take a wasp over a snake any day

  4. Well, at least you can watch WWE wrestling!

  5. Omg.. tell me this is just a joke? No way can "they"( whoever they are?) take Chuck off the air.. it is one of my few "must see" shows. I can be on the computer, and chuck comes on.. than "sorry blogger friends.. Chuck is on"..sorry Chuck is higher than blogging.. it's true.

  6. Where were you when I was trying to save "Fawlty Towers"???

  7. P.S. I have loved Chuck since episode 1 and since it is 'family friendly' (i.e. no sex yet) I make the kids watch it with me.

    Now say I'm not a perfect mother.

  8. R I apologize for my Fawlty Towers lapse and have long suspected your perfection.


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