May 28, 2009

Thanks, you

Since I was so free with my literary advice this week, it seems only fair to accept yours.

After all, I don't want you to think I'm an ungrateful minger or a whore of the Infidel.

So, I have just ordered books by Emily Griffen and Susan Isaacs, as well as Outrageous Fortune by Tim Scott. Thanks, Lawyer Mom, Jessica and Ladyfi.

And in return I offer you: Anna Maxted, whose specialty is Fairly Serious Topics with a healthy dose of hilarity. I love her books. Well, Tale of Two Sisters was kind of boring but the others were great.

Oh, and Sara, about the Michael Damien date, I was only 13 and he was a perfect gentleman.


  1. Oh gosh! You ordered Outrageous fortune? Hope you like it - I can't imagine it beiing everyone's glass of Long Island Iced Tea! It's zany, although it tends to get a little chaotic there in the middle.. Still a good holiday read - a little unusual too.

  2. Have you read The Book Thief? Very, very good.

  3. I'm satisfied with that.
    Rock On!

  4. I do think you'll like Emily Giffen. Err, I sure hope you will. Which one did you order? She has 3 that I know of. And DON'T forget Anita Shreve!! Fortune's Rocks was absolutely fantastic. I've read it twice.

  5. I think I got Something Borrowed and Baby Proof. And finally the Schreve mystery is answered!

  6. I haven't read any of these suggestions. I feel so uninformed...

  7. I'm reading The Book Thief at the moment - it's brilliant!


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