May 12, 2009

Got Tim Tams?

I'm still getting the cold shoulder at the Kindergarten, not only for nosing around too bluntly about the Ausflug arrangements but also for the spirited barf fest that ensued after K (patient 0) left Friday. Miss Vanessa shows signs of thawing but the other moms don't like me any more.

On the bright side, Julia likes me again but she's only nine and our relationship is primarily financial.

When I was an outspoken second grader with unkempt hair (the kind who raises their hand and announces in a high, clear voice, 'Mrs. Dean, Justin didn't throw that spit wad, it was Doug,') I tended to get hunted by large gangs of my classmates after school. I learned to fight, run really fast, climb like Spiderman, hide, remain still for long periods of time, find food, divide and conquer enemies and, when other options ran out, find adult help.

I don't want to paint the wrong picture here. I was not a skinny, asthmatic, fearful child but a big, strong kid with a cocky attitude so we were pretty evenly matched. Sometimes it was even kind of fun.

This went on for about 3 years and then I was suddenly reasonably popular again, at which point I promptly dropped all running and climbing activities and focused on feathering my hair and getting my mascara straight.

Bit of a shame, really - I could shimmy drain pipes like a monkey but my hair never turned out that well.

Here's my point: There's always a bright side. Life isn't about the bad stuff that happens, it's about the good things that happen in between.

For example, this week I'm a little unpopular but on the bright side, no one's hunting me with sharp sticks and I have a package of Tim Tams, which my mother thoughtfully brought with her.

Friends come and go but Tim Tams are forever.


  1. Enjoy your mom and the Tim Tams! And stay away from those mercurial Germans.

  2. I need to try these Tim Tams I keep hearing about. And I'm sure you will rise again!

  3. Oh, yes, I'm not down and out, just taking a Tim Tam break. Next week I fully expect to be loved again. Especially if I bake a cake for the senior home visit.

  4. If those Tim Tams do what they say they do, I'll order them pronto, in bulk.

  5. I love your point of view - it's especially important to remember to focus on the good time in between.

    Now... what the heck are Tim Tams?

  6. Oh, a Tim Tam consists of two crispy cookies with chocolate in between and also covered in chocolate. I think they're Australian. This weekend I plan to make tea, eat Tim Tams and read Tea Time for Traditionally Built Ladies.

  7. I have been 'eyeing'out these Tim Tams in the cookie aisle but now I shall close my eyes ignore the price tag and indulge!!! Enjoy your visit with your Mom!

  8. Where are the Tim Tams?? I ate them when we lived in Australia when I was younger! I've found them at Cost Plus in the States... but nowhere on this side of the ocean.

    Can I come over this weekend? :)

  9. Never had a Tim Tam in my life before! Hope they provide the requisite comfort. Don't worry about the KG mums - the good ones won't care what the rubbish ones are saying.

  10. So that's why I've struggled all these years with the school and activities politics: no Tim Tams.

  11. Tim Tams are an Australian treasure. They come in different flavours, too, you know. There's chocolate on chocolate with a chocolate centre covered in chocolate, and then double chocolate on chocolate with a double chocolate centre covered in chocolate, then chocolate on double chocolate with a caramel chocolate center covered in, you get the idea.


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