September 8, 2009

Crab update

K did indeed get two hermit crabs for her birthday, a big lazy one named Emma and a small intrepid one named Lily. The names came as no surprise since K names pretty much everything Emma or Lily.
She is nothing if not consistent.
One of her friends presented her with a pink painted snail shell and although I recently laughed about hermit crab bling, lazy yet vain Emma lost no time trying on the handsome pink shell and hauling it to a new location in the crab tank, far away from Lily's clutches.
K is completely unsqueamish about holding the scuttling crabs in her hand (well, Lily scuttles, Emma just sits there and sulks unless you bribe her with something flashy) and scolding them when they pinch. She also killed a small fly the other day with her bare hand, held it up between two fingers and asked if she could just leave it on the floor for the vacuum cleaner to pick up later.
That's my girl.
Er. . . sort of.


  1. That's my girl! Well, your girl... Love your description of the different personality traits of the crabs. Will it be earrings for sulky Emma next?

  2. So what was the reply to "Can I leave it on the floor..."??

  3. Actually I told her to go ahead and leave it on the floor since I needed to vacuum anyway. Isn't that terrible? I should be teaching her to throw away stuff, not leave it on the floor for me...

  4. Now, that Emma is a crab after my own heart. I'd go for the pimped out shell myself.

  5. Ventured over from Bernthis. Cute story. I had hermit crabs once....

  6. Wow. She could challenge Obama to a fly-catching duel.

  7. Your definitely a better mother than I!!! Keep us updated on the hermit crab adventures.


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