September 4, 2009

Red, Green and White

A flag? No, a meal!

Back in the 50s they had this cool concept of three colors on a plate. The idea was that you get more balanced nutrition by eating a variety of colored foods and a palette of colors looks more appetizing on the plate. Of course, the 50's housewives tended to serve a lot of meat and potatoes but the third color rule at least forced them to serve some spinach or steamed carrots to go with.

Food went all to hell in the 60's when presumably stoned housewives started serving revolting creations like chipped beef lime jello casserole but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, if you're trying to eat less meat and get pack in more vitamins why not try this quick, tasty meal?

Red: Fresh, firm, ripe tomatoes tossed with garlic croutons, oil, balsamic vinegar, basil and a bit of salt.

Green: Fry up a tiny bit of bacon for flavor, then add organic chard or kale until it wilts. Salt to taste. Looks beautiful on the plate next to the red tomato salad.

White: Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts.



  1. And at my house, it seems the 70's was the era of canned vegetables. Eeegads.

  2. George Carlin: "Where's the blue food?"

  3. I have heard that concept before and interestingly enough it came from my mother-in-law who cooked lots of roasts and potatoes for her hubs and 6 kids. Her popular green item was an icebirg lettuce wedge.
    First date as a college senior with my now hubs I invited him over for dinner and served him cornish game hens, rice pilaf and green beans with toasted almonds. He was hooked. We could totally eat that meal you described--it would be cereal night for the kids though.

  4. Do they serve this at McDonalds? That's where I get most of my meals.

  5. Yummy!! Let's shack up. I'll clean and you cook!!


  6. And... I don't think many schools will be watching the speech. We may tape it to play in social studies classes if it fits the curriculum. Math time is for math.

  7. That rule is why we always laugh when the meal turns out all white or beige. Chicken, rice, cauliflower, etc.


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