September 15, 2009

First Day of School

Ah, the first day of school, that hoary old literary chestnut of so many blogging moms.
K started first grade today. We all got up at 6AM so we could be at the opening ceremony at the Catholic church. K was excited to see her old friends from Kindergarten, including Tina the Aethiest, while L pointed up to the domed ceiling and inquired loudly when the movie would start. She had a point, since our church is kind of shaped like a planetarium.
According to tradition, the godparent buys the all-important school backpack, which is a huge industry over here. Your backpack is with you until High School so they're built to last and cost around EUR 100, or $150. Accordingly, K set off with Uncle Oller to pick out a backpack but returned with a full set that included backpack, pencil case, gym bag and change purse.
That's my girl.
K also received her Schultuete, which is an enormous cornucopeia of sweets and toys. It is traditional for German children to get a big send off before they begin their 'serious life', which is defined by punctuality, rule following and filling out forms.
K got Ralf's old Schultuete, which is nice enough. Or so I thought. For I was AGAIN outdone by the German moms, who seem to have nothing to do but create fantabulous costumes and school bags for their offspring. Not a cheesy store-bought Schultuete to be seen.
One of the church deacons read a story about a boy who loses his Schultute and cries all the way to school. His kind teacher says, 'Don't worry, you have the most important thing with you to start school.'
Then the deacon asked the children, 'Can anyone tell me what the most important thing to bring to school is?' and one excited little boy yelled, 'PANTS!'

Bright lad. You can't go too wrong as long as you keep your pants on.


  1. Hysterical about the pants. I must see a photo of what these moms make.

  2. Pictures will be forthcoming once Ralf downloads them.

  3. rotfl Pants, and keeping them on, is quite important indeed...Can't wait to see some of the pix once R downloads them. --A

  4. Pants! Ha ha ha. I think it's sweet that K got Ralf's Schultüte but yeah, some of those moms will go to any lengths to make sure their kid has the biggest and the best. Hope K is enjoying school!

  5. I'm a little confused and trying to picture just what is a schultuete. If a cornucopia of candy, wasn't Ralf's sort of old and inedible? Or is it clothes with candy in the pockets? In any event, first-school-day traditions are always memorable. But I'm sure glad mine are out of the way.

  6. Someone should have told my BIL that about 8.5 months ago. Maybe even 8.5 years ago.

  7. LM - There is a picture of a Schultuete at the beginning of this post, although it's one of the cheesy storebought ilk. It's filled with candy and stuff. Not sure why the cone shape, as it's fairly awkward to carry.
    Sara @ DC - I am so lame, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out what BIL means. But I think it's good advice for us all.

  8. Pony Schultuete! It was hard for me to pay attention to anything after that.

    I am trying to imagine a backpack that would last through the entire school career. I'm thinking you might have to post more details and photos of that.



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