September 22, 2009

H is for Honeypiehorse

Why, you ask, do I call myself Honeypiehorse?
I apparently have two primary facial expressions: frowning and grinning ear to ear. I've often been asked why I'm glaring at someone, to which I protest, 'I'm not, I'm smiling benevolently!' But no one believes me.
Long ago when we were dating and I was grinning Ralf said, 'Du grinnst wie ein Honigkuchenpferd,' which means, 'You grin like a honeypiehorse.' I think it's kind of a ginger cookie shaped like a horse.
I didn't speak a word of German back then and 'Honigkuchenpferd' sounded incredibly sexy. I wanted Ralf to call me Honigkuchenpferd instead of Schlumpf, which is what he usually called me (that's German for Smurf, by the way). And when I signed up for Yahoo Messenger I wanted to be Honigkuchenpferd.
But then I ran into a little snag.
Honigkuchenpferd was taken! So were Honigkuchenpferd 1, 2 and several more until I gave up in disgust - I mean, who the heck wants to be Honigkuchenpferd 28?
So I settled for English.
And there you have it, the story of me.


  1. Thanks for clueing us in. I'd always wondered about the origin of your moniker. ; )

  2. I really have been wondering that for some time. Very romantic!

    So pferd is horse then? Honig-honey, kuchen-cookie/pie, pferd-horse?

    My favorite German word was always "Sehensw├╝rdigkeiten"
    Just has a nice ring to it. Probably bc I'd never heard 'honeypiehorse' before. :)

  3. All right, as long as you're offering clarification, I've always wondered about "Our Feet Are the Same."

  4. It is so awesome that you husband gets you.

  5. Honigkuchenpferd -- now that makes perfect sense!

    And let me be the one to translate "Our Feet Are the Same", which as a German I didn't get at all until my American husband clued me in: it's what "Auf Wiedersehen" sounds like to a non-German!

  6. I love it! And Honigkuchenpferd definitely sounds better than Schlumpf... :)

  7. Hi HPH! Thanks for clearing that up. And it took me until last month to figure out the "Our feet are the same" connection. Very clever!!!

  8. I find it exhausting when some one asks me why I am not smiling. Sometimes... I need to think which I usually do not do with a smile.

  9. What a great story behind your cool name! Love it... Have you ever eaten the real thing?


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