November 25, 2009

On Cheating

Is anyone else out there a little behind hand on turkey day planning? We're having Thanksgiving at our house so Ralf's cooking the turkey and I'm making stuffing and our friends are bringing the rest but I still feel intimidated by un-put-away bags of groceries standing in my kitchen while I write this.

To be honest, I'm a little off my game since K started school. She leaves at 7:30 AM and L doesn't go to Kindergarten until 8:30, so we get up at 6:30 and it's almost 9AM before I can start my actual day. It takes its toll.

During this extra hour L is thrilled to have me all to herself and we read books, play games and sometimes fold laundry. Her favorite game is memory, which is probably because she wipes the floor with me. Seriously, I don't let her win, she totally kicks my butt, usually with a pair ratio of about 4:1, or make that 2:1 on rare occassions when I'm really on my game.

This morning I caught her turning over a third card when the second card was not the one she expected.

'Don't cheat, darling,' I said.

She stared at me with those ginormous blue eyes, confused.

I explained: 'You don't need to cheat to win this game, Schnuggie.'

Still confused.

I tried again: 'You should only cheat if you're losing.'

That cleared it up.



  1. Shameful!

    (I have that same morning problem, and, you're right, it does throw you off your game--even on weekends and holidays.)

  2. Too cute I always had to throw the game candy land so my daughter would feel like a winner every now and then.Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I so needed a laugh...and I'm behind too on my Thanksgiving...but that's another story.

  4. My husband believes that. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I can't wait to read the complete "Honeypiehorse Guide to Parenting."

  6. You are so evil! ;-)

    I'm cooking now. Pumpkin pie is next.

  7. Glad you're getting her REAL education in between the fake one they give her at school.

  8. At least you have groceries to put away. I haven't even been to the grocery yet and it's already 10pm. I hope I can find a store that is not only open, but still stocked with the items my assignments require!

  9. LOL! Now I understand why my son always cheats .. and then goes on to win!

    Have a warm fuzzy day!

  10. Well I remember that I use to cheat when I played indoor board games with my momma when I was a baby.hehehe


  11. My oldest started K this year & I am totally off my game! That hour I usually clean in the morning I am racing around getting her ready & throwing her out the door with her dad (whom I also got ready). You playing games that early is amazing! What a fun time! Lots of memories being made for your little one!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful day together! I am gonna strat my cooking right now!

  12. Love it! It is so natural. xoxo


  13. "You should only cheat if you're losing!", This cracked me up, this little girl is well on her way!!! Lol!!!

  14. Hope the bird and stuffing turn out wonderful, and the day is even better...Happy Thanksgiving !

  15. I love it! I'll be sure to pass that gem on to Princess Nagger... ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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