November 9, 2009

Why not ask a dead person?

Bloggie friends are different than real friends. For example, they actually remind you about their birthdays if they want you to remember them. Their advice tends to be more unbiased by their protective and/or competetive feelings towards you. And they don't typically babysit your children, although if someone comes up with a mommy blogging network with childcare, watch out!

But they are also like real friends in the way they are always ready with an encouraging word if you're sick and sometimes have useful advice or information, like when Patti posted the NSC code for Saybrook Sage or Kristina helped me create my own church sign proclaiming my righteousness or the Dental Maven offered free dental advice or Sara explained how to drain a pond.

Thanks, girlfriends.

And I hope I've been able to help all of you with my frequent reminders about how society's going to collapse when we run out of oil and I'm still not seeing any solar panels so why the h-e-double-hockysticks are we talking about health care?

But anyway, occassionally a blog post stops me cold with either a wish that I'd written it or its relevance to my own life. The first time this happened was Kristina's New Year's Resolution post.

That was a darn good post.

I've had quite a few 'Wow' moments since then but most recently the Ask a Dead Person series over at Jezebel has captured my attention. The idea is that you send in a question and dead people like Freud and Kafka weigh in with advice.

I LOVE that!

A recent post ponders how to keep one's bratty daughter from alienating one's rich boyfriend. Well, that's just spot on in it's relevance to my life. Or, it could be if I weren't married because I would naturally only date rich guys. I found Jack Kerouac's advice particularly helpful. This is blogging perfection and I'm kicking myself that I never thought of having dead people guest post on my blog.

Of course, to pull that off you have to, like, know stuff. About history. And people. And what dead people are likely to say.

Anyway, if you want to help me look good on my other blog, which is being considered for the next Carnival of HR, please click here and leave a comment or two.

Or, if you want to know how to explain to your friend that her poor mothering drove her daughter to suicide, click here.

I know. Life is about tough choices.


  1. The blog world never ceases to amaze me.

    I knew there were people out there that are able to talk to dead people. Cool.


  2. I find it easier simply to follow the blogs of people who follow me. Self-centered? Sure. But who has time for so many possible venues of entertainment/enlightenment/time wasting? At SOME point I have to get work done.

  3. Yeah but Solipsist... dead people!

  4. I have already been thinking about my resolutions for next year. I really think it's going to be tough to top this year's, however.

  5. Pure genius to have dead people give you advice. If it all goes to hell, you can't sue them! ;-)

  6. Which reminds me - you wanted the color code for the Orange too, didn't you?

    I do have it here somewhere!

    1080-Y50R - we used a gloss 10 base

  7. This is why I love blogging and reading other's so much fun and it's been great to 'meet' other people who are too cool for words. ;)

  8. That was pretty brilliant and addictive.
    Along that same vein, we like to sometimes offer advice in the character of our most dumbest customers. (What? Did I say 'dumb?' I meant totally awesome.) Good times.


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