November 5, 2009

I'd rather have MY teeth pulled

Poor Ralf, this isn't his week.
As you know, he had 4 wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday and also had to endure the brunt end of my wit, which is the price one pays for being married to me. Then again, if he wanted nurturing he could have married a nurse instead of a comedian. But you'll be happy to know I took very good care of him the rest of the day.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was another matter entirely because I was laid low by a nasty flu that didn't let me get out of bed. It was also L's birthday and we had plans to take her pony riding. Poor Ralf, who was supposed to stay off his feet and recover from fairly invasive dental surgery, had to take both girls out on the pony trail while I shivered and hallucinated in the car. Back at home everyone else had cake and presents while I shivered and hallucinated on the sofa, a sickly grey eminance.
Ralf wasn't doing much better but at least was able to sip some tea and gum a piece of cake.
Fortunately Ralf's parents were there and took over the festivities so the girls had a good time despite zombie parents.
Today I'm still not 100% but much better than yesterday. When I'm well again I think I owe Ralf a nice dinner.
And maybe some exotic dancing...


  1. Sorry you have the flu...poor girls I can only imagine both parents totally out of it! Happy Birthday to L!

  2. My goodness! I'm gone for only a few days and look what's happened!!! Well, hope everyone is on the mend. And happy birthday to L!!

  3. Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon. Isn't it the worst when both you and your spouse are sick at the same time? That just seems like a cruel twist of fate. "No, I'm the sick one! YOU take care of ME for a change!"

  4. I am glad you are feeling better by now.

  5. Laura you really have a way with words. I can't remember laughing about the flu before but that is such a hilarious description, mainly because it is so true.

  6. Just be sure to give a recap of the exotic dancing.

    I've been under the weather, too, and I think the recliner in the living room had almost grown physically attached to my ass. It was the same routine every night: come home from work, put on the hideous leopard print pajama bottoms, ratty thermal underwear shirt, and my junky blue bath robe. Then head to the chair for the remainder of the night.

    Get well soon to all. Stupid germs and stuff.

  7. Sounds like Heaven. Fortunately it was over quickly and I'm pretty fit again.

  8. We have such parallel lives. I was very sick for Jaq's 4th birthday. Kept it together for the party [mostly] and collapsed the rest of the weekend. Glad you made it!



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