November 6, 2009

Tirolean Weekend

Sud Tirol is the 'Germanic' part of Italy. I'm fuzzy on the details here but I gather it used to belong to Austria but was given to Italy after WWI. Mussolini moved in on it pretty oppressively, forbidding everyone to speak German, which is why quite a few people chose to emigrate to Germany during WWII in order to preserve their culture. Most of them ended up coming back and it took a long time to recover and forgive old feuds. There were also some terrorist activities against the Italians after WWII, which resulted in some nice tax breaks and other concessions.

Anyway, despite it's surprisingly not-so-distant bloody past, today Sud Tirol is beautiful, rural, prosperous and especially nice in the fall.
So rather than a big vacation write up I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. You get the idea.
Maybe just the odd comment.

Halloween was a simple affair.
We carved pumpkins, dressed up, and trick or treated
at exactly one door for one piece of candy.

This is a place we stopped for lunch in the mountains.

The Fall foliage was amazing. My pictures don't do it justice.

Nice place for a picnic, isn't it?

Mountains above Clausen.


  1. Looks positively beautiful. Did you enjoy the local wines???

  2. Hi HP. When I quit my blog, I didn't want to quit photography. So I think that's what I'm going to center on. Have created another blog to put all the pictures I take and wanted to let a few of my favorite people know. So hop on over if you'd like.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love the fall.

  4. Very nice! Those colors are beautiful and I loved the Halloween costumes!

  5. Delightful autumn leaves - and it looked fairly warm and sunny too!

  6. Very perty! Made me want to take a big breath of fresh air and heave a contented sigh.

  7. This brings back memories...I based out of Munich for 3 years.


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