April 4, 2009

Ah, Spring. . .

Today isn't exactly a beautiful spring day but it's close enough. You know what THAT means, girls:
Black titty tee season is officially open!
Ralf saw me in a tight black Target tee on the playground yesterday when he came home and wondered who the hottie mom was. Or so he claims. I'm not totally sure whether to be offended or pleased by this but it's nice to know I was still there somewhere under all those winter layers.
And standards are lower after a long winter.
Meanwhile in Japan girls are getting ready to prominade their new kimonos under the cherry blossom trees. . .
My kids are in the garden fighting over a nut, which appears to be an acorn. L found the nut but K covets it and is coming up with all kinds of elaborate schemes to persuade L to give it to her.
Ralf is sweeping the patio and rubbing some smelly oil on our wooden patio furniture. I've been begging him to do this all winter so the patio furniture doesn't mold but my request fell on deaf ears. He did everything possible to weasel out of it, including traveling to the US and getting a slipped disc.
Today, however, it's his idea so the work is proceeding apace.
What, darling, you want me to help? Are you sure I won't be in your way?
Sigh. It was so nice just sitting here and watching him work. . .


  1. Happy Marriage Rule #127: Always interpret "hottie mom" comments from the hubby as complimentary.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a good weekend!

  3. YAY spring. Can you send some my way??? I'm snowed in and soccer has been canceled. Just another wintry day in April... :)

  4. What the hell is a black tittie tee?

  5. And in the Southern Hemisphere we are packing away our black tight tee's and getting ready to wear the layers! :(

  6. Yes! we can't get ours out yet, because IT FREAKIN' SNOWED last night. Nice.
    My husband was impressed with my new red brassiere though.

  7. I love work - could watch it for hours! ;-)

  8. I wore my black tee yesterday, and it was a brand new one and my husband didn't even say anything.


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