April 1, 2009

Green Day

Oh, wait, that’s St. Patrick’s Day. April Fools is the day when (according to Ladyfi) Swedes run around telling people they smell like fish armpits.

But speaking of green, we try to buy organic and I’ve been wondering why all the people I run into in the local health food store are either highly anemic looking or else sporting a Communist flag somewhere on their clothing.

Shouldn’t the anemic people look more healthy after eating all that healthy food? And since when do Communists care about organic produce, which is kind of bourgiousie???

The world doesn't make sense any more. Or maybe it’s just me and I’ve got a gang of anemic organic-produce-eating Communists on my trail. . .

Also speaking of green, the Environmental Defense Action Fund and WeCanSolveIt.org (Al Gore's sponsored organization) have sent out a general alert that if you were ever thinking of signing a petition or donating money to help get green legislation passed, now's THE critical time to act.

Postscript: Whether you're bothered by global warming or not, there's just no way that burning coal and belching that smoke out into the air we breath is a good thing or that continuing to rely on oil is a viable long-term strategy. The coal and petroleum coalitions are spending a lot to influence policy to continue doing just that and (in case anyone is wondering where I stand on this) I am planning to send money this week to the organizations that are trying to stop them.


  1. Since I am here in Berlin, the dirtiest city in Wester Europe, I think, I totally agree. The brown coal that is strip mined and utilized here is the worst.

  2. I agree with you about the stop burning coal and polluting and warming up our planet thing...

    As for the gang of anemic Communists - just tell them that they smell of rotten herring, and that should get rid of them...

  3. Fish armpits?? Okay, that can't be good.

  4. Uh, oh. Don't read my post today. I may, once again, mention trying to destroy the earth.

  5. thanks for the heads up -- just signed

  6. I love being green. It's fun.
    And I read an article in our paper today about schooling in Germany. Guess who I thought about?


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