April 8, 2009

Cap it, baby!

The way I see it, nothing starts a day off on the right foot like a big picture of me. Especially a big picture of me trying to save the world, one photo of me at a time.

You, too, can help save the world by taking a picture of yourself or family members in a hat or cap or bicycle helmut to spread the message about capping carbon pollution.

Cap it - get it?

Just like some fools believe that coal emmissions are harmless because big corporations use pretty marketing pictures to tell them so, other people will finally realize that we need to cap emmissions if enough people take pictures of themselves wearing a cap.

Look at that picture - doesn't it inspire you to help save the world so that I can continue to live in it?

And if saving the world is not motivation enough, you also get a chance to be featured in the Environmental Defense Action Fund's upcoming Earth Day video.

I'm clearly going to be featured.

Here's where to go, baby: Show Us Your Carbon Cap.

And let me just add that these guys really need our help because they may be good at lobbying but clearly don't know the first thing about Internet marketing. Most of the pictures posted so far are totally lame, which is why I'M going to be in the video.


  1. yes, I agree, I think they need to maybe spend a couple of bucks on someone in marketing that knows what they are doing

  2. Wow, this makes me want to destroy the earth even more. Mission accomplished.

  3. Excellent, you can be my arch-nemisis!

  4. Problem is, unlike you, honeypie, I just look terrible in ball caps. Sigh. Now the world will surely come to an end, and it will be all my fault.

  5. Way to go HoneyPie! You're going to save the world with nothing but your good looks and a baseball cap!


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