April 22, 2009

The sewing machine guy

After my flurry of Easter sewing activities my sewing machine went on strike. No matter what I tried, the string kept breaking immediately when I tried to sew anything and got stuck in the inner workings.

Yesterday I dragged Ralf back to the shop where we bought the machine to get it fixed. As you can imagine, he loved the opportunity to carry a sewing machine four city blocks.

The sewing machine repairman, a young guy in mechanic overalls surrounded by sewing machines in various stages of repair, plugged it in and immediately proceeded to show off all the different stitches my machine is capable of.

His verdict was that I had threaded it wrong.

Ralf's verdict is that next time he's going to marry someone less lame.

My verdict was that they can both bite me.

So that the trip wouldn't be totally wasted, I bought some new bobbins. I pulled my wallet out of my purse to pay and watched in dismay as various decrepit receipts scattered to the four winds. Sighing, I handed the wallet to Ralf while I gathered up all my bits of paper.

Ralf looked like he was thinking something like: 'I can't believe I have children with this person.'

Then he remarked out loud to the sewing machine guy: 'Women's purses are scary as hell.'

'Oh, yeah,' agreed the sewing machine guy with feeling, 'and then if we leave, like, one sock on the floor they totally rip us a new one!'

Alrighty then.


  1. In some ways I think that your relationship with your German is rather like mine, although mine is less verbal:). And my scenes like this generally include two children running around causing a mess.

  2. Look. If we are to be the accountants/event planners/gardeners/housekeepers/nannys/chefs, then they're gonna have to put up with a few organizational glitches once in a while. Sheeesh!

  3. I have the "As-Seen-On-TV" sewing machine. :) I don't know why you'd care but I just caught up on your blog and wanted to say Hi. :) Hi.

    It's almost fun to NOT read someone's blog for a while because to catch up it's fun to read for a while. ...almost as good as a magazine.


  4. Men are so funny. And what would constitute less lame?

  5. I actually laughed out loud... really! My husband is terrified of my handbag. He won't even reach his hand inside for a pack of gum... My kids, on the other hand, know exactly how many dollars they can pilfer without risking getting caught! Sneaky little punks!

  6. I think you have the same sewing machine that I have! If I thread it while the presser foot is in the down position, forget about sewing! I found that out by taking it in for repairs, which the repairman knew it didn't need. Thank goodness! But I have managed to mess it up since then anyway. (But I'm sure you already know about using the right needle for the fabric so you don't mess up the timing!)
    and as for purses, well, I call mine my filing cabinet. (too bad there are no files w/ neat tabs)

  7. Too funny. Men just don't get us, do they.

  8. Ha ha! A sewing guy with a sense of humour and socks.

    I don't have a handbag so my husband is safe...


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