April 12, 2009

A good week to be (my) kids

With the onslaught of Spring I felt invigorated and threw myself in to Easter preparations with a vengeance:

I baked oat chocolate chip cookies.

I sewed new spring pillow cases for the girls.

I packed away all the drab old winter clothes and brought out all the pretty new summer stuff I bought on sale at Land's End last year - they have fabulous sales on kids' stuff and the quality is great so I always buy a size too big a year early.

I tracked down the California Baby sun screen I brought back with us when we moved.

I bought Easter dresses at Target (while visiting California, not here in the Teutonic Target free zone).

I finished the bead necklace I was making for Ralf's mom and another one for me.

I made a bracelet for K.

I prepared Easter baskets.

I provisioned for and prepared an Easter brunch with friends.

I procured enough Easter goodies for an official Easter egg hunt (fortunately, unlike Natalian, no monkeys swoop down into our garden to steal them).

And finally, I baked a strawberry rubarb pie using the first pie crust and filling recipes I found in the Internet.

Ralf said I missed my calling as the wife of a small town sheriff and asked for some stale coffee to go with the pie. But he ate every crumb and his dad also polished off two generous slices.

Clearly, my pie ruled.

Hopefully this is the week my children will choose to remember.

Next week stay tuned for less domestic me.


  1. Wow... now that is way too domesticated! But fun! And sounds delicious too..

  2. This week you truly were the Domestic Goddess that a "Convenience Queen", like myself, wish I could be.... if only for a week!

  3. Wow, I don't even know who you are anymore.

  4. Wow what a mom you put June Cleaver to shame

  5. Where do you get all your energy from and do they sell it here?

  6. My husband says "Strawberry Rhubarb pie is one of the pillars of civilisation --nothing to trifle with!"


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