February 20, 2009

White moms can't sew

Today the kids have a final Fasching party at Kindergarten and we were asked to dress our kids up in costumers - NOT princess costumes, which would have been easy, but something to represent living in some magical land where delicious food grows on trees.

Excuse me?

I railed against my fate for a time until inspiration hit - working with K, I cut out some light brown felt circles and glued on smaller dark brown felt circles. I then sewed them loosely onto K's and L's fleece pullovers. To my eyes they looked convincingly like chocolate chip cookies.
Then K cut out some other colorful shapes and glued on her own smaller blobs and I sewed these on as well. They kind of looked like bon bons and we had done an art project together.
How proud I was. How naive I was. This is Germany, after all, where moms don't work and can sew.
When Ralf got home from taking the kids to school this morning he announced, 'We suck!' by which I immediately understood him to mean that I suck.
We sometimes finish each other's sentences, too.
Apparently the other kids were all togged out to the nines in elaborate home made costumes such as these:

Little gits.
My oldest daughter K has a highly developed sense of self and could give a flying fig what other people think as long as there are snacks. L, however, took it much to heart. She burst into tears and didn't want to go in because her costume wasn't good enough. Not even cake could cheer her up.
I felt bad for a while but then I realized how awesome it is that her biggest problem is that I can't sew.
I can't believe how much I rule.


  1. we had the same problem in london

  2. You do rule, as do I: I had a temper tantrum yesterday trying (and failing) to make a witch's hat. We are the best.

  3. LOL. I'm great with costumes. Log onto internet. Order costume. Take picture of smiling kid. You should try it!

    But hey--your kids are lucky. You deserve a chocolate chip cookie!

  4. I have no sewing talent or ability at all.

    One of my bloggy friends is an amazing seamstress and makes ice skating outfits for a living. For Halloween, her son was a tornado, her daughter a mermaid, and her other son a crab. They looked AMAZING!!

  5. this is awesome. Last year at summer camp there was a "crazy hat" contest where I was told that people had put real working train pieces on hats to win. I am absolutely about giving up on these kinds of things, I can't even sew a button on straight and I have zero interest in crafts.


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