January 20, 2010

On Bodily Fluids

Don't worry, it's not as gross as the poop post.

I mentioned recently that my cat Guthrie now expects me to cook for him. Although the vet warned us this isn't such a good idea, the other day I made lamb stew and he was so excited I caved and gave him some.

Ralf warned me not to in Guthrie's hearing, which may explain what happened next. As if to express disapproval of Ralf's warning while at the same time validating it, Guthrie threw up in Ralf's shoe.

There's more. We're a family of four and mess happens. Last night L snuck into our bed and peed. Fortunately this doesn't happen often but it happened last night.

There was, however, a sliver lining: K lost a tooth yesterday and I had completely forgotten to put something under her pillow. When I got up to change the sheets I remembered.

So it all worked out for the best.

Well, except Ralf's shoe - I've been trying to spin that but I got nothin'.


  1. I'm sorry but you have to laugh...what else can you do..when it rains it pours.

  2. I love when that happens. Something inconvenient serves to do more than just inconvenience.

    Off to read poop story. The short-sided and impulsive me wanted badly to stray immediately to that post. Like a grown up, I finished here first.

  3. Oh, wow. The joys of kids and and pets!!

  4. Cat puke is a sign of love, just like kids peeing in your bed! ;-)

  5. Oh my goodness, I can so relate.


    I'm so glad you got to be the tooth fairy. Let's just focus on that, 'K?

  7. I'm not sure a shoe of puke can be spun!

  8. You live such a glamorous life!

  9. On forgetting about tooth fairy... more than once our child came to use and said, Tooth fairy did not come! I rushed to his bedroom and "looked under the bed" and said, "See, it's here. It just fell!"

  10. Hey, that poop post wasn't gross, it was inspirational!

    The spin on the puke shoe is the benefit to your readers: I am ever so grateful that there is no cat puke in my shoes (or pee in my beds or poop in my cellar, like a couple weeks ago: ya, that was a special treat.)

    So, thank you!


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