January 27, 2010

Whiny Wednesday

Ralf is in California this week.
L was home two days with the flu.
It's -10 degrees outside.
I feel sick.

On the bright side, my neighbors are being very supportive, watching my kids when I have calls, stuff like that. No casseroles as yet.

Ooooh, I shouldn't have thought about casseroles. Or food. Food baaaaad.

Germans are very helpful once you establish a relationship. Maybe that's why they're a bit standoffish with strangers - I mean, if the expectation is that you help people you know, you have to pick and choose who you know carefully. Maybe friendliness to strangers only works in a culture where no real help is expected.

I think I'm babbling. Must lie down now. . .


  1. Friendship is a huge undertaking. Discrimination is essential. The Germans have it all figured out.

  2. Get well soon HPH!!! Glad the German neighbors are stepping up to the plate.

  3. So sorry you're under the weather. If we were neighbors I'd make some soup for you.

  4. I'm with Bebe I would make you soup too!

  5. I shall make virtual soup for you.

    Take care.

  6. I would make you soup, but you wouldn't like it. Best to remain virtual in these matters.

  7. Enjoy these virtual brownies I made after the cake I made you fell apart & I ate it out of the pan with my bare hands (assuming it's not the upset stomach flu, in which case, enjoy these salty thin pretzels and ginger ale, the ultimate Get Well From Puking meal.)


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